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Hello! I'm going to be applying to accelerated nursing programs (in NY) this fall, but I'm worried I won't be able to find a program that accepts me. Most of them require a 3.0 cumulative GPA and mine is only a 2.86. However, I... Read More

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    My undergrad GPA wasn't outstanding- I had a 2.9 when I graduated. However my GPA improved drastically through the second half of my time in college- once I got it together lol. On many of the applications I filled out it asked me if I had ever been on any type of probation in school. I was on academic probation following my first semester (which in retrospect did me a lot of good). But anyway I was given the opportunity to explain myself and used that to explain why my life circumstances at that time led to a low GPA. I also had a 3.7 in my prereqs and have a masters degree. I was accepted to both NYU and Utica College this semester. It can't hurt to try- just try to beef up your application with internships, volunteer experience, etc.

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    Hey Jeneefir, I am in a nursing program right now and I am going to be an RN in December. The school that I am in gave me hope in pursuing a nurse career. I was accepted to a school that will allow you to get an LPN in one year and an RN degree in a second year. At first I was reluctant to go because I have a bachelors degree and an accelerated program seemed practical but Im very glad I did because I am an LPN and will be a RN by the end of the year. There is hope dont give up! You might just have to start from LPN program as I did, where the prereqs (A&P, Micro,etc) will be transfered into the school..

    Any questions.. feeel free to contact me
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    Hi CeceStar5Congrads... I was searching accelerated nursing program because I have a bachelors, my gpa is 2.99. Schools r adamant about about a 3.0 gpa. I was thinking about the lpn then the rn route. Most of the pre req I have because I have my ba in biology.. Thank you in advance but I was wondering is that school in ny or the northeast region if so can I please have the info..
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    Thank you the school that I am in is in Bronx, NY.
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    I graduated with a 3.0 in my Bachelor's and got B's on my pre-reqs. I was just accepted to Touro College in Brooklyn. They will be transitioning from ADN to BSN this summer. I would recommend applying there. The staff is very nice and will respond to you quickly.
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    I was in the same boat. Im from NY and moved to Florida for a 1 yr program. My GPA was a 2.6. Its called Remington College of Nursing
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    Just wondering Cecestar5, what college is it called?

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