Which hospitals in ABQ or SF (NM) are gay-friendly?

  1. Hi there. I will graduate from nursing school soon (2-yr., ADN) and will begin looking for employment in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area. While I was in school, I didn't volunteer personal information about myself and remained relatively invisible and closeted. It's been difficult for me to gauge an overwhelmingly gay-tolerant or decisively homophobic vibe in this part of the country because everything here seems segregated. So I have a request for all of you RNs/BSNs/NPs who are already working in hospitals in Albuquerque (Presbyterian, UNM, Lovelace, etc.) and/or Santa Fe (St. V's): would you say your place of employment is tolerant or accepting of GAY MEN -- not lesbians because, for some reason, gay women are less threatening to the American patriarchal, heterosexual power structure/hierarchy and I've worked at facilities where lesbian employees were openly accepted but male homosexuals were outlawed -- or would you say your facility is homophobic? Or are certain "floors" of your facility homophobic while others are tolerant?

    You're welcomed to be as frank and honest with me as you wish. I don't take offense easily. I guess I'm trying to gauge more of the attitude of the environments I'm inquiring about, not whether or not they have domestic partnership benefits or anti-harrassment laws. Do co-workers talk sh** about other co-workers who are gay, make gay jokes? Are there openly homophobic members of the administration? If you know any gay male coworkers, do they enjoy working at your place of employment? Would you recommend your place of employment to gay male relatives, friends, or associates? What's the emergency room/trauma center culture like?

    Here's the problem: It's 2010 and we're in the United States. Jobs are scarce right now. I could go to San Francisco and tough it out for a while (i.e., starve, live under the Golden Gate Bridge) until I land something in a gay-friendly environment or I could take the first job that presents itself in New Mexico or elsewhere and lie (about my orientation and relationships) and stay closeted JUST to survive, which I have done before; if anyone has ever had to resort to this game of smoke and mirrors, it's not a good way to live your life. I'd prefer to be open and honest with my co-workers since I'm going to spend 40+ hours of my life per week with them.

    Some gay men are very, very resilient and can function in extremely hostile environments due to thick skin, upbringing, or guilessness -- I usually think the latter. But I am not one of them. So I'd appreciate some frank honesty from those of you familiar with hospitals in the Albuqueruqe-Santa Fe areas and what I can expect from them. ** Thank you **
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  3. by   tencat
    Are you from New Mexico? Or are you moving here or have moved here? I'm a heterosexual female, but truly I see northern New Mexico as being very tolerant of gays and lesbians in general, especially in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. I think you've picked a pretty good place to be in if you are gay, but I can't say from experience. I work with several gay and lesbian folks, and they seem pretty happy in Albuquerque.
  4. by   bearscrubs75
    I'm already here. I went to school here. Well thanks for being open-minded and supportive. I just need to find out where people like yourself are employed and apply there. I've lived in very liberal cities before, tencat, and have for some reason ended up working in homophobic, socially conservative "hothouses" in these liberal cities so I'm being extremely selective about where I will work when finish school. Would you do me a favor and ask your gay comrades hospitals they'd recommend as open-minded and tolerant? Thanks!
  5. by   tencat
    Hmmm.....honestly I think any of the bigger hospitals in the Presbyterian, Lovelace, or UNM system would be ok. I would avoid a small town hospital. I don't work in a hospital setting, so I don't know much about the hospitals here as far as individual floors, etc. Did you run into any issues in clinicals? How did you feel about the hospitals you were in? That might be a good place to start. If I find out anything helpful, I'll let you know.
  6. by   AXIDRN
    Either locations are good for you, but the area is really not good for employment I graduated in December and it took me 3 months to find a job here. I have a BSN and could not even find a job in a hospital. St.vincents in santa fe is not hiring any new grads and at minimum everyone wants at least a years experience. Unless you know people around here its hard. I moved here thinking there would be more jobs but I was totally wrong.
  7. by   bearscrubs75
    Hi AXIDRN. So, what did you do? If I can't find employment anywhere in New Mexico, I'm heading up to Alaska. A lot of nurses can't handle the long, sub-zero winters but I sure can. I'm a "resilient" sort I was tickled pink to hear about frustrated, newly hired grads leaving Alaska IN DROVES because they couldn't handle the Yukon elements. I was like, Yeah, I'll take the $5,000.00 sign-on bonus and $30.00/hr. starting wage at Providence in Anchorage. I love the night and the cold anyway (I think I was a vampire in my past life). I love New Mexico and the Latin and Indian cultures here but if I can't find a job I'm heading to the ice continent. I mean, from what I've been told by others posting on this site, THERE ARE NO JOBS -- ANYWHERE. I'm 35. I can wait 10 years until the boomers have to be dragged away kicking and screaming from their jobs (cuz you already know that's exactly how all of that is going to go down), but I'd rather be proactive and seize opportunity where and when I can. Carpe Diem. Life's Rich Pageant and all that... I also could be homeless and live under the I-40 bridge the rest of my life while I wait out the economy but I don't think I could stomach road-kill kabobs. I'd rather club to death baby seals with Sarah Palin.
  8. by   azilliRN
    Hi, I work for Presbyterian Medical Group over at Kaseman Hospital here in Albuquerque. I know of several people whom I work directly and indirectly with who are gay and no one has a problem with them In fact, they are accepted just as anyone else. Being that I came here from San Francisco, I understand how liberal they are in California, however, people here are more accepting of others being different. I have a lot of friends whom I met here in Albuquerque at school (this is my second career) who are doing just well working at UNMH and Presbyterian - I don't know about Lovelace. Since I am partial to Presbyterian, keep an eye out on job openings as every month more and more positions open up. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. by   AXIDRN
    After 3 months of looking I found a job but its not what I really want to do. I am doing LTC and its ok, the schedule is good and I work days but we are constantly hiring new nurses for various reasons, for example we had a bunch go to PRN and back to school or people who have moved into administrative positions. I get paid like 22/hr and luckily its a convenient drive but I know if you are from here and did some kind of externship you'd probably have a better chance. I know Las Cruces and EP both still have a bit of a shortage. just depends on what kind of nursing youre willing to do or what you want to do.
  10. by   AXIDRN
    forgot to mention I went to NMSU and moved to ABQ bc i thought the job market would be better but its actually worse here for new grads.
  11. by   bearscrubs75
    I would go to Santa Fe or Taos before EP or Las Cruces, but who knows? I may not be able to be that selective. Right now I'm a tech/CNA at ______ Hospital here in ABQ. It's "ok" but I'm not thrilled. There's a good chance they might hire me on as a nurse if I stay with them as a tech through nursing school. I don't know, man. UGH! I love med-surg nursing though and wouldn't mind being a NIGHT SHIFT RN on the med-surg floor at the hospital I work at now. There's too much ****** drama on day shift. Not to be sexist, but WOMEN treat each like crap when a bunch of them get together. I thought dudes were bad, but damn. Why do groups of women do each other like that: they're constantly tearing one another down. Being mean for the sake of being mean, etc. (??)