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  1. 0 How long are the waiting lists here in NM? My wife and I are interested in attending Santa Fe Community College for their nursing program, but I'm afraid that the lists are going to be long. I've noticed in other states like Colorado, people have been waiting for two years or more to be accepted. Any feedback would be appreciated as well as any info on other programs in the state.
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    TVI has a two year waiting list and UNM has no real waiting list but it is very competative to get into. They usually accept 1 out of every 3-5 applicants. A high GPA and volunteer work/medical experience is what they look for. I hope this helps.

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    I heard today that UNM has a two year waiting list. I'm going to Santa Fe Community College, but I haven't read anything about a waiting list there.
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    I am a UNM nursing student graduating in May. There's no waiting list there, but as elizabetta said, it is competitive. It's not impossible to get in. It's a pretty good school. Go for it and good luck. Let me know if I can help you.
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    I am attending Santa Fe Community College's nursing program and they don't have a waiting list. They accept applications every fall and spring to start for the next semester (no classes in Summer). I find the program challenging but rewarding and would recommend it to anyone with a good student ethic and ready for a challenge (as I am sure most any RN programs are).

    If you have any questions write and I will answer what I can. Good luck

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