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UNM Hospital Questions

  1. 1 Hello ALL,

    I am a new grad and was offered a position at UNMH. I was wondering if there is anyone who works there, knows about the hospital, the environment, nursing satisfaction rates and new grad res program. I am not from NM so I don't really know a lot about ABQ, what's it like? Any info would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance
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    Congrats, I worked there as a tech and like anywhere else it depends on who you talk to and what area they work. For the most part I think most nurses enjoy UNMH and there is opportunity to move around. Not sure where you are coming from but life in ABQ and NM is different than other parts of the country. If you love the outdoors and outdoor activities it is a great place to live.

    If you don't mind me asking, I was just wondering if you have previous industry experience?
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    Thanks for replying jjnRN!

    No, this will be my first hospital job, however I did have a previous career in human service field.
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    Very good, I think you will like UNMH. I am also a new grad and starting there in January as a nurse. Again, it is personal preference and experiences. It is a teaching hospital obviously and most of the areas I worked as a tech seamed to have a lot of people who enjoyed their jobs.
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    Nice, do you mind me asking what unit you will be working on?
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    I will be in the OR, I start the periop program in Jan. I did clinicals in peds and my capstone in medical ICU and the people in both units were very helpful and friendly. As I said before, most of the units I floated to as a tech/sitter were also filled with the same kind of people.
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    I am thrilled I found this post! I am trying to get a patient care tech job at UNMH, how do I get my foot in the door? I am a CNA already, but how do I take UNMH's patient care tech training? Is that only if you are hired? Any advice you can give would be SO appreciated!
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    Devie, I just applied for tech positions positions and got hired to the float pool. Go into the staffing office in the main hospital 1st floor and introduce yourself to the supervisors to see if you can get in with them.

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