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Hey guys, i've been on this forum for a month now maybe...and i am yet to come across anyone from my school which is pretty bad...i there anyone at all that attends, is planning to or attended the UNM college of... Read More

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    UNM nursing school is actually a very poor institution. Their NCLEX passage rates is in the low 70%, where nation wide for BSN programs it is well into the 90%. That is horrific. The program thrusts a lot of junk tasks that have little to no value. The UNM program provides very bad prep for the NCLEX and for nursing in general. It is likely one of the worst BSN programs in the nation either statistically speaking or from content. It is a "busy work" school lacking any form of substance. The school ought be avoided; many of the community colleges offer a better overall education. It is a rather pompous and ineffective school...and I know as an unfortunate graduate of the place. Avoid! And, I did attain the accelerated BSN. It was a waste of money.

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    avoid UNM. the school is a joke. crappy facility and instruction. the local community college is much better location for nursing instruction. by the way UNM has one of the worst nclex passage rates in the nation for bsn programs. it is crap.
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    Meresith and Rimzy, did either of you get accepted? If so, how is it?

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