Santa Fe Community College

  1. Has any of you out there attended Santa Fe Community College nursing program. I noticed on the New Mexico board of nursing web site that there NCLEX pass rate was pretty impressive. Any feedback on the program would be appreciated.
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  3. by   elizabetta
    I don't have any personal experiences with the school as I am between TVI and UNM with prerequisites at the moment but I have heard good things about the school. I've heard they do not have a waiting list and that you can take your nursing classes along with some of your prerequisites. Good luck to you.

  4. by   alakaea
    Actually, according to their website they require the prereqs before you can take the nursing classes.
  5. by   mrsalby
    This is late, But for anyone perusing the site. Sant Fe community college does allow pre req's to be taken although certain ones have to completed to apply. I am currently attending and I really enjoy the program. The pass rate I understand is high and I always feel challenged. I am 8 classes away from completing my B in biochemistry and find their program of equal if not more challenging.

    I am always congratulated and commended for attending SFCC nursing and find that the grads are welcomed into the working arena. I had an ER director at a MAJOR ABQ hospital tell me he would hire a graduate from SFCC in a heart beat over a couple of other local programs.

    Also just to add...I live in ABQ and commute to Santa Fe for the program. Some clinical sites are in ABQ, most in Santa FE and some in Espanola and Las Vegas. I personally haven't had to go to Espanola only the other three.
    I believe in the end I will find the commute and everything well worth it.

    The $$ per credit isn't to bad either if you pay early and use the discount.

    Good luck to all where ever you may land,