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Ok, all you NM nurses. How about a roll call? Tell us where you live and what you do. What do you do for fun? Kids, family? How about a potential NM Allnurses meet? Me? I work in Santa Fe at a LTC center on the skilled... Read More

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    Hey..cow manure smells great...raised in Vado(south of Las cruces)now I'm an LPN in Arizona..longing to move back.

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    Live and work in Northern NM, ER nights.
    Widow, 3 kids (2 at UNM), finishing my masters in Nursing Ed this spring, teaching part time at a community college.
    Love to camp, hike, canoe, crochet, read, play with the dogs, take Tae Kwon Do and hang out in AN.
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    Hello everyone,

    I am also a prenursing student at CNM and intend to apply to UNM for Spring 2010 for the 2nd degree program. I live in Rio Rancho and enjoy the outdoors as many of you have stated. Currently working in the electronics industry but want to do something different and meaningful.


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