RN salaries in NM?

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    Hi Guys:

    Can anyone tell me how much are the hospitals paying to nurses in NM? There's many people talking about it in Florida. They said about $45/h? It is true?

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    I dont know for sure since i am not a nurse just thinking about the profession. But i know for sure that is way off. New Mexico is not california or new york. We are an affordable state with a lower living cost. I have heard talk of $26 an /hr but nothing that high.
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    From what I've heard and seen on the UNMH careers website-new nurses start at about 21/hr and goes up from there. I did hear from a guy I worked with that his wife was non-benefit and so she made about $37/hr with a BSN. Not sure how accurate that was but that's what he said!
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    About 22 - 24 for new grads. However, most of the hospitals have clinical ladders that allow for up to 5-7 per hour for certifications, etc. More for experience. The most I have heard is about 37 for per diem.
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    Maybe $45 is what some travel nurses can get? Maybe? Maybe info like that explains why there is a wait for most nursing programs northern NM.
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    Quote from Zozo
    Maybe $45 is what some travel nurses can get? Maybe? Maybe info like that explains why there is a wait for most nursing programs northern NM.
    I suspect "Northern" New Mexico is referring to Santa Fe. This is somewhat of a desirable resort type place to live, lots of boutique shops, art galleries, and whatnot. The cost of living is much higher there as compared to other parts of NM. Your $45 in Santa Fe would not go much further than the $37 in Albuquerque, I think.
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    I recently moved to NM and as a Per diem ICU nurse with 2 years experience and a BSN my base pay will be 27.41. 12% more than I made in Florida. I'm in a small town with a 100 bed hospital here in NM.
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    Florida, so far itks the worst state to work/live. The BON does a horrible job, the pay suck, the prices of everything its so high that not even with 27/h you could live as you deserve for the kind of job a nurse does.The only thing I'm missing from there its the beaches and I can always go back for vacations. Welcome to New Mexico! Don't miss the mountains in Santa Fe! They have snow already!!!
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    I haven't heard of any nurses making that much in NM, sorry. I've lived here my whole life and my mom is an RN as well as many family friends. Maybe travel nurses in Santa Fe make that much but the cost of living is way high there. I live in Las Cruces and starting pay for new nurses is around $21/hr, but it works cuz it's cheap to live down here. It also depends on the hospital you work at and how much experience you have.

    Hope this helps
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    Yes, it depend of the qualifications you have as a nurse: BSN, PHD, etc. Not every nurse can earn the same amount. Sorry.

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