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Ratios in New Mexico Hospitals

  1. 0 Hi. What's the nurse to patient ratio in your hospital? I'm really looking for information on Med/Surg units, but I'll appreciate anyone's contribution!

    Does anyone know of a hospital that has 1:4 ratios on a Med/Surg unit?

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    When I externed at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, the General Surgery Unit was 1 to 4, but sometimes they went over that to 1 to 5. I heard that they have changed to having 1 tech for each nurse, and I wonder if that means you have to take more patients. I know that SAC and ICUs have lower ratios, but most med/surg units have up to 1 to 8.

    Good Luck!
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    Stay away from Las Cruces, our med surg nursing ratio is 1:8 on a decent day at my hospital. We need a union.
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    I work SAC/IMC and ICU and the ratios in IMC are 1:3-4 and ICU is typically 1:1. This is at Pres.
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    Quote from aerorunner80
    I work SAC/IMC and ICU and the ratios in IMC are 1:3-4 and ICU is typically 1:1. This is at Pres.
    I work at Pres also. Ratio is only 1:1 on ICU if the pt is really comprimised. Usually it's 2:1. Maybe 3:1 on stepdown pt's with no room to transfer to.
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    Would you believe 1:10 in Roswell at ENMMC? Who would you complain to about feeling unsafe taking so many pts?
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    is this the best hospital to work in new mexico and which area is it in, i am considering moving to new mexico and have icu experience.

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