Possible move to NM

  1. My husband is in negotiations with a company and we may end up relocating to NM. The closest CC in the area would be CNM. I have been taking all my pre and co-requisites where we currently live and would be applying for the ADN in the spring but now might have to apply at CNM if we relocate.

    So, what can anyone tell me about the RN program at CNM, good, bad? I have never been to New Mexico and don't know how different it is to get into nursing programs there, any info you can tell me will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Mukfay
    I have a couple of friends in that program now, and another applying. I would have gone there, but they had a 2+ year waiting list when I started. Now admission is based on a HESI score and GPA. I've heard great things about it from both employers and students. If you let me know what you want specifically, I'll try to help you out. One piece of advice: I would stay away from PIMA and Apollo. I tried both of those programs, and ended up deciding to commute 90 miles one way to Santa Fe instead.

  4. by   canut
    2+years! Do they still have this waiting list?! I have a good GPA; they don't require they HESI where we live right now, so I will have to look into this test. I really hope they still don't have that long of a waiting list.
  5. by   Mukfay
    There is no longer a waiting list. Now they base your admission on your GPA and your HESI score. There are quite a few seats available since they now have 2 campuses (campi? Let me know if you need any other information about the area, etc.