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  1. Hi, I am a nurse with 8 years experience in a med/surg telemetry unit. Will be moving to Albuquerque this summer. Can someone please tell me what the range of pay is for nurses in New mexico or what someone with my experience might expect to make. Hourly base rate? Would appreciate any info. Thanks:trout:
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    Howdy! I have been applying for jobs in Albuquerque. I don't have any experience yet (just graduating in July), but I've been told that pay at Presbyterian Main Hospital runs in the mid $20's per hour if you have experience. There are incentives for weekends and nights that are about $3-$4 an hour more. There are incentives for extra certifications, but I don't know what those are. University Hospital is similar. A fellow student's partner works there and has a few years under his belt. He does nights and weekends and makes around $27/hour. Starting pay is around $20/hour plus extras for nights and weekends. I don't know if that helps you. I've had clinicals at both hospitals, and the work environment looks like it is pretty good at both places (I'm sure it depends on the area). Another student's partner works at Presbyterian CCU and loves it. I would avoid Lovelace/Sandia as they have higher nurse/patient ratios than Presbyterian and UNMH. Hope that helps!
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    Hi, thank you so much for the info. That helps alot! Was worried about the difference in pay as I am coming from California and the pay here is much higher. Good luck with your new career. You've chosen a great field. Thanks again
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    Quote from tencat
    I would avoid Lovelace/Sandia as they have higher nurse/patient ratios than Presbyterian and UNMH. Hope that helps!
    Interesting to hear you badmouthing Lovelace tencat, and not even working in the field yet. Actually Lovelace has had a pretty bad rep. in the community due to being the new kid on the block since their purchase a few years ago. There are drawbacks to all the hospitals in town. UNM is union, which doesn't interest me. Pres. has a long history of being anti-employee in the community, for more than 20 years or so, they haven't been in the spot light so much since Ardent moved in. Truth be told, they are all pretty much the same. I couldn't tell you a thing about pay scales though, been nursing over 20 years, and the pay is a hell of a lot better than the $7.10 per hour that I started with in '82.
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    Lovelace does have a bad reputation because it is associated with Regional Medical Center. I did work at Lovelace as an Agency Nurse and they were okay then but do have a bad reputation now.

    There is also The New Mexico Heart Hospital. I am not sure of pay scale but their reputation is solid as a good teaching hospital for staff. I have heard good things about how their staff is treated.
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    Also regarding UNM Hospital, I was Staff there for a couple of years; one does NOT need to join the union, as NM is a right to work state. The union is not very strong but the pay scale is great and encouraging because of the ladder pay scale. In the ladder pay scale, you are paid a little more for BSN, and higher education, and for participating in committee's and teaching opportunities.

    I wish I had that option in the stifling facility in my current area (and I might consider being "staff").

    Just because one is a student, does not mean their opinion and research is not valid. I think the opportunity we have here, on, is invaluable to discuss issues and ideas. So, lets not poo poo each other’s opinions, please.
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    Quote from nightngale1998
    Just because one is a student, does not mean their opinion and research is not valid. I think the opportunity we have here, on, is invaluable to discuss issues and ideas. So, lets not poo poo each other's opinions, please.
    No intention to be an internet bully Night, maybe I didn't word my post so well. Mainly was trying to comment on the bad press that Lovelace gets. I do find it interesting that students are coming out of the nursing schools jumping on this band wagon. I don't mean that in a bad way, and am not trying to support Lovelace. The Journal is all over every scoop they get their hands on, and the Mayor and Govenor seem to have an axe to grind in regards to the Lovelace issue. Anybody who has been in Albuquerque for any length of time at all remembers the huge layoffs, and hospital closing of another institution, but the attention has now moved to the new employer in town. Just a courious issue for me. Sorry for the thread jack.
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    We're cool. Thanks for staying positive

    Can ya tell I miss Albuquerque, it's options, and the good green chile
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    Hey! I work at Lovelace. I really enjoy it, but I am not in med/surg. I have two friends that work in the unit at Women's and they enjoy it. At the time we were hired as new grads, our pay was the highest in town. I know it is different depending on experience, but new grad pay is 23/hour. At pres during 2005, pay for RNs with at least 2 years experience was $24, and now UNM pays slightly higher than Lovelace.
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    What about the VA? They are offering bonuses.
  12. by   SCGreywolf
    Currently as a traveler at Lovelace Downtown. Here's what's happening.

    Lovelace Gibson is closing as of 6/30 for sure. The building has been sold. Lovelace will maintain an Urgent Care Center there as well as many clinics.

    Downtown has a new ER opening 4/23. Went from 14 beds to 34. The CVICU and cardiac floor will open sometime around 6/30. The new tele floor will open 6/10 and the ICU will go to 32 beds at the same time. We have a new NM as of 2/15. Used to be a staff RN. No comment.

    Still a lot of politics going on but it's now wayyyyy above the level of a staff nurse...thank you, Lord. Ratios are not bad compared to Florida or some of the other places. ICU 2:1 and it usually doesn't take a fight to keep it that way. One note: They have techs in the ICU to do CBG, etc. Sometimes the ratios get higher but it's because we have stepdown patients with no where to move. Stepdown ratio is 4:1. Only once in a year have I seen it go to 5:1 and that was only for one nurse....and she got time and a half bonus for doing it. Of course there's problems...what hospital DOESN'T have them??? Floor/tele ratio is usually 6:1 on nights. Is it perfect? Not hardly. The HR department and supply management have a terribly long way to go, there's construction everywhere and occasionally my night shift charge is a $%^&**. The lab is horrible and about as supportive as my ex. Housing is expensive and day shift traffic sucks...especially on I40. But for the most part, the docs listen, the patients get good care and I am free to practice good nursing.
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    Oh, yeah. Forgot something. Womens Hospital is greatly expanding their NICU and Peds. I'm not too up on that.
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    I will be working at UNM. Base pay New Grad is 22.35 with 17% weeknight and weekend day diff and a 26% weekend diff. Then a 5$ CAP if you are working on the next level degree. Pay will be higher pending your years experience and certs.

    VA is 48000-50000 ADN a year not sure what the diffs are. 52000-58000 base for BSN and varies pending what certs you already have and years experience. Can go higher for more years exp.
    Yes they have 10000 sign on Bonus for FT and 5000 for PT and each requires 2yr commitment