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Hi, I am a nurse with 8 years experience in a med/surg telemetry unit. Will be moving to Albuquerque this summer. Can someone please tell me what the range of pay is for nurses in New mexico or... Read More

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    SCGreywolf.. You are mistaken.. Lovelace is expanding their NICU and their womens services. But Lovelace no longer has a Peds department. I know this because I used to work in their NICU
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    I heard that the Pediatricians walked out. Several other specialties walked out also. I believe they have 1 locum tenens ortho surgeon.
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    I currently work at Pres CCC unit, prev. CCU. I love it, would not go anywhere else. I started at 21/hr, now at 26/hr, after 3 years. We have the ladder program to make up to 6/hr more, weekend diff is good also. I have looked at other jobs around town. UNMH pays there new grads as much as experienced RN's, that's why I left there. Pres pays very well with decent benifits.
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    Quote from cowboyRN
    No intention to be an internet bully Night, maybe I didn't word my post so well. Mainly was trying to comment on the bad press that Lovelace gets. I do find it interesting that students are coming out of the nursing schools jumping on this band wagon. I don't mean that in a bad way, and am not trying to support Lovelace. The Journal is all over every scoop they get their hands on, and the Mayor and Govenor seem to have an axe to grind in regards to the Lovelace issue. Anybody who has been in Albuquerque for any length of time at all remembers the huge layoffs, and hospital closing of another institution, but the attention has now moved to the new employer in town. Just a courious issue for me. Sorry for the thread jack.
    Dear cowboyRN, I am an LPN, and I was contacted by Lovelace Sandia, a few years back, regarding a position, in Pediatrics, I was very excited about it! Then a couple of days later, I received a call saying, that the job offer, had been recinded, or words to that effect. I asked why, but they were unable to give me an answer, I assumed, they couldn't say, for legal reasons, or something. I always figured, it was due to a lukewarm reference. However, since reading your post, I see that it could have been, for some of the reasons, mentioned above. Thank you so much, for helping to clear up that mystery! Enjoyed your comments!
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    Quote from nursegirl1014
    SCGreywolf.. You are mistaken.. Lovelace is expanding their NICU and their womens services. But Lovelace no longer has a Peds department. I know this because I used to work in their NICU
    OK, semantics error. Besides the fact I grouped neonate and babies as Peds, just because there isn't a Peds department as such doesn't mean they do not get care..Lovelace downtown does not have and will not have a women's services or NICU. That goes to Women's (like I said). I'm sure there is a back channel agreement between Lovelace and UNM for Peds since I was told too many times that Lovelace sends all their Peds to UNM and has done so for a few years. Women's belongs to Lovelace system. With the acute nationwide shortage in pediatric specialists, doesn't it make sense to utilize what they do have? And Women's is expanding rapidly. Frankly, you can blame the powers-that-be at NM Licensing Board for the fact that the general medicine expansion is taking place at Downtown instead of Gibson. That was NOT a choice made by Lovelace.

    Don't get me wrong, Lovelace has an enormous set of problems but I would still choose to work there rather than the competition. Just as an OBTW, as a 23 year nurse, I was offered 36+diff+w/e but had to turn it down (along with relocation and a 10K sign on). All because of grandkids. Still might make it back out there.
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    I just moved to ABQ this summer and I am looking for a job at one of the hospitals. After reading the posts in this thread I am wondering if this information still applies now that we're in 2010. What recommendations do you have in terms of which hospitals to apply at and what areas of nursing should I begin my career in? I would prefer to work in L & D but so far I'm not having any luck. Also, does anyone know what the starting pay is for a new grad with a BSN?
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    Lovelace Westside is advertising a new OB/Birthing Center. Have no idea now what the staffing will be like or the pay. I left Lovelace last fall and went to Santa Fe at St Vincents in the ER and I love the crew. Management was very undirected until a new /Director took over in Feb. going pretty good now.