NM Nurses and Nursing Students: SFCC vs CNM?

  1. 0 Hi, New Mexico Nurses (and Nursing Students):

    I'm looking for graduates or current students of the ADN programs at both CNM and SFCC (Santa Fe Community College) to pitch in their two cents about the programs. Is one better than the other? Are there advantages to choosing one over the other, even just by virtue of location? What was the program like? What was your experience w/ peers, instructors, admin, and clinicals? What were job prospects like when you graduated? If you've experienced either program, I'd be grateful to know your thoughts.

    I live in Albuquerque and have taken my prereqs at CNM, so I'm hip to the rumors: CNM grads have a great reputation, but, reportedly, there's huge turn-over among instructors because they're not happy. This unhappiness, I've heard, is often directed at students. (Personally, I had a mind-blowingly bad experience w/ one of them in a CNA class there.) I've heard they're unfair and catty, and that the program is absolutely brutal. True?

    I haven't heard *anything* about SFCC's program, but my experience w/ the school so far (just e-mailing to ask q's, etc.) has been totally positive. Also, the campus is gorgeous (and CNM, to be fair, looks a bit like a county prison). I do know of an SFCC grad who got a job right out of school. While CNM's program is "tuition-free," SFCC, by comparison, doesn't seem hugely different, given the amazingly reasonable tuition. I'm also interested on hearing people's experiences of living in SFe vs. ABQ. (I'm not so hot on commuting.)

    Thanks for any insight you can share!
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    Did you try posting in the NM regional forum? Region > United States > new Mexico or New Mexico Nursing Programs Discussion. You will likely have a better chance at a response if you post in the regional forum.

    Good luck
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    Thanks! I'm new to this...

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