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NM Exam Result

  1. 0 Hello. Just wanted to find out how many days does it take for your name to appear in NM BON's website from the day of taking the NCLEX exam? Do they update the website quickly? Any idea? Thanks!
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    I took my test on a Saturday and didn't find out until the following Friday at 4am. (No I wasn't THAT nervous, I got up to be at work at 6.) That was for RN.

    Last year for LPN, I took it on a Wed, and had the news Friday am...

    Someone told me that they update the site on Fridays, but I don't really know for sure.

    Good luck!

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    I took my exam March of 2007 on a Saturday. The BON website updated with my license on Tuesday, but if you pay $8 you can find out from Pearson. That was available Monday morning. I think its worth it! I was sick from woryy, and I thought I had failed, so I was glad to know as soon as possible.
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    Does any one have the link to view if your name is on the published list on the BON website
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    Quote from Jeff2679
    Does any one have the link to view if your name is on the published list on the BON website

    Most states have a license verification but be aware some states will not post foreign trained nurses unless they have a SSN which you can't get unless in the US with a valid work visa
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    Thank you for posting the link, Glad to tell you guys that I passed my NCLEX Exam, Now looking for any potential employer in NM..

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