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  1. Hi there I am moving to Santa Fe, either in November or December this year. Can you guys give me some infor about the city, any inside info is appreciated!
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  3. by   Medic09
    What is it you'd like to know?

    Feels like a small town. One hospital, in effect, for most things. Beautiful location. Great hiking minutes outside town, even on the edge of town. Pretty high altitude. One hour away from Albuquerque, the only large city in the state.
  4. by   JBudd
    My teens complain there isn't much for them to do.
    Lots of night life for the tourists.
    Canyon road is the main spot for art galleries of all kinds. Lots of museums and walks to historical places. Access to pueblos, especially on feast days that are open to the public.
    Good downhill skiing half an hour up the mountain, with places for cross country skiing on the way. Plenty of places for mountain biking.
    Cochiti Lake for swimming/canoeing/fishing, Pecos for hiking and fishing, and beautiful scenery everywhere.
    Quite a few weekends dedicated to different arts fairs on the Plaza, with international grade art and awards.
    Santa Fe Opera.
    There are some neighborhoods that are deteriorating, and others that are million (and more) dollar homes.
    Lots of good restaurants, the not so good don't last long. Every kind of cuisine you can think of.
    Use of turn signals is considered optional and yellow light means get on through in a hurry because the folks behind you will keep going well after it turns red. Bicyclists pay no attention to street lights or stop signs the majority of the time.

    Hey Medic! Welcome home!
  5. by   9livesRN
    Thank you guys for the information, I found out that I will start in January!They said that I might start my training (12 weeks) in Albuquerque, so I am anxious to what happens!

    Jbudd are you in Santa Fe or Albuquerque?
  6. by   Medic09
    Hi J! Thanks for the welcome! Missed ya. I'll have to come by and say hi. Are you working the usual shifts?

    9Lives, Albuquerque is about one hour south of Santa Fe. Very easy, straight drive down the interstate. Rush hours will slow you down by about 15 minutes or so; otherwise when I drive down to work in ABQ it takes me just about an hour door to door.

    Welcome to NM!
  7. by   JBudd
    SFe... that's where you were asking about wasn't it? If you need a realtor let me know in a PM. You'll be welcome!

    Medic! when are you coming back on the schedule? Yep, same old M/T. Teaching on Thursdays.