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My wife and I are both in the nursing field and have been researching the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque areas to relocate to. We have a young family (ages 5, 3, and 1), so living in a family friendly... Read More

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    The state is very culturally diverse. I think this place is paradise. I've PM'ed you, and I'll help you to move here in any way I can.


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    Hello, Mukfay are you still around? You seem to have knowledge about the NM area. I'm a new grad. Any certain area's/hospital that have enough demand to hire an out of state ADN new grad?
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    Rio Rancho is a mess of big box stores and cheap, cookie cutter housing. If that's your preference (and, for some, it is), then it may be a good place for you. If you seek more authenticity and community, Nob Hill, North Campus, and some areas of the NE Heights are family favorites.

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