In Search of Nursing Schools......

  1. Hi All!!

    I'm a very recent transplant to Albuquerque from Houston and am in search of ALL nursing schools either via community college, technical institutes and universities.

    I have a bachelor's in Finance, but cannot stand corporate and have always wanted to do nursing. Coming from Houston, I'm use to having MANY nursing schools at the tip of my fingers, however, the timing was all wrong for me to apply to the program as I found out I was pregnant and had a baby.

    Now that I'm here in ABQ and my little one is going to be 1 yr, I feel I am ready.

    One of my clients back in Houston (who is now a hospital administrator) said nursing programs are super difficult to get into and it's best to try ALL avenues to get into nursing school if need be. He was wait listed and rejected many times over so he decided to get his LVN, then RN, then finished with rest of the classes and received a BSRN and now he has completed his masters and is now a hospital administrator. Good for him!!!! He had to take the back route, but made it and is doing well!!

    I'm familiar with UNM's accelerated route, however, I am keeping all of my options open.

    So, with this said, can you please make a list of nursing schools in Albuquerque ONLY..... those offering LVN, RN (associates) and BSRN??

    Your help is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   mrsalby
    there are a few

    central new mexico community college for adn
    also apollo college but i am not sure about adn status, certificate etc.
    i heard a rumor pima medical institute is going to begin an rn program

    i commuted from abq and went to santa fe community college for an excellent adn program and am currently in the rn to bsn at unm.

    that is about all for abq proximity

    check these out from

    new mexico nursing schools

    use this comprehensive directory of new mexico nursing schools to find programs that interest you. read detailed fact sheets on featured schools and request admissions information. we include online/distance learning programs as well as campus-based programs.
    campus programs <a href="">university of phoenix - new mexico - various locations albuquerque public schools - career enrichment center health occupations - albuquerque apollo college - albuquerque - albuquerque central new mexico community college - albuquerque chamberlain college of nursing - online rn to bsn program clovis community college - nursing department - clovis computer career center - las cruces - las cruces dona ana community college - division of health & public service - las cruces eastern new mexico university - nursing department - portales eastern new mexico university-roswell - division of health - roswell national american university - albuquerque - albuquerque national american university - rio rancho - rio rancho new mexico junior college - allied health - hobbs new mexico state university - school of nursing - las cruces new mexico state university at carlsbad - carlsbad new mexico state university-alamogordo - department of nursing - alamogordo san juan college - department of nursing - farmington santa fe community college - santa fe university of new mexico - college of nursing - albuquerque university of new mexico-gallup - gallup western new mexico university - department of nursing - silver city