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HESI Entrance Exam for ITT-Tech - page 2

I was wondering if anyone has taken the HESI entrance exam for the nursing program at ITT-Tech. I am set to take it next Friday and I am really nervous and unsure of what to expect. Rachel at ITT... Read More

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    What are they charging for this program? I am in Nebraska and we are getting one here to start in Sept. they do not know info yet on start dates, class schedules ect.. just wondering for those of you who are in what have they told you? I am sure its close to the same for every state? My bro in law attends there for a computer based program and is paaying $468 a credit hr. so that figures o $40,000 for 2yrs.... YIKES!!
    But the waitlists are forever around here I have personally been on 4 different schools list for 2yrs now and thats all I am doing is WAITING...... So at this point I'd spend that much just to get this DONE!!!!!!
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    I live in Evansville, the same goes with me the waiting lists are long and at my age cannot afford to keep waiting. The credit hours for ITT in Evansville, In is $425 and can get accepted right away if pass the Hesi exam.
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    Hello all! I'm wondering if any of you have started at ITT Tech's nursing school yet. If so, how do you like it so far? I'm interested in the school as a possible instructor.