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My license will expire this coming May, i just want to ask if New Mexico BON approves CE hours from website. i really can't afford to enroll to a paid CE program right now, so i settle... Read More

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    the new mexico nurses association is the approval body for continuing education and you need to contact them at 505-471-3324.

    that's the reply i received from them, just awhile ago...not really clear, it's true....

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    This might help...
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    thanks! i'll call em soon.:wink2:
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    hi! i need help in renewing my license.. i've read a lot of threads about renewing by NM BON and i came across a lot of people having problems with it. My license is expiring january 2010. I'm planning on renewing it this month as soon as i find out how to exactly do it. I already have a copy of the renewal form. I also have a few (free) CEs certificates. i'm thinking of buying one online that's worth 30 hours already. i'm confused thought.. would it be okay if i just send all the CE certificates i've gotten aside from the one i'm planning on buying online? coz i'm not even sure if some of them are credited by NM BON. i tried contacting them to clarify if they'll accept the ones i got right now, but they're not responding. anyway, i just want to make sure if that's just okay coz i dont wanna mess my application up as much as possible.

    and oh, what else should i do after i fill up the form? which is better with the mode of payment?

    ur response would be greatly appreciated.
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    You don't send copies of CEUs to the NM BON, just swear on the ap that you did them. Random licenses are pulled for auditing, and then you have to prove your CEUs. I've not had to send them anything for years, although I've certainly got the proof that I did them.
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    ok.. will do that.
    i'm trying to fill up the forms right now. i'm not sure what i should write in the declaration of primary state residence.

    i declare the state of ______ as my primary state of residence and that such constitutes my permanent and principal home for legal purposes.

    upon licensure in new mexico i intend to practice in the state(s) of

    i'm not sure what to write in the blanks since i'm still here in philippines... and never been or worked in u.s.

    have you had a current u.s. nursing license in any state within the last four years? -- it's a yes, right? or are they referring to another state aside from nm?
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    search in "nursing education of america", they have 30-hour online courses.

    i have a problem with this though. I am in the Philippines and they don't accept my Philippine address and credit card info in the registration form. H.E.L.P.!!!
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    can anyone help me out? i was about to fax d renewal form to NM BON yesterday by a phone company since i dont have a fax machine, but they couldn't get it sent... they only got a busy tone from the fax number provided in d form. they said they need a 12 digit number but there's only 10 digits including the AREA CODE of NM. they tried adding 00 preceding the 10 number but it still didn't work.

    I'm from Philippines, by the way. does any of you who have renewed your license know what numbers exactly i should use? I hope i can get it sent within this week so I'll still have an allowance before my license expires.. just in case something goes wrong with the processing. HELP!

    thank you.

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    This is from the website. I didn't have a problem getting through with the fax number.

    505.841.8340 phone
    (Please listen to our voice response system; you will choose from one of the menu items)
    505.841.8347 fax
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    i checked d credit card use but there was no deduction from NMBON even when i already faxed my renewal form. does it take time for them to deduct it to the credit card or is it supposed to take just a day or two after they get my application? if not, would they charge me double if i send it again and they'll get two application forms from me?

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