CNM Students/Grads?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I just got my acceptance letter today (WOOT!) and will be starting my Nursing coursework in January...I'm so excited that I just keep thinking of all these questions that I have about what's to come. Do you have any advice about the program? Things you wish someone would have told you to prepare for?

    -Where do most people do their clinicals? On the schedule for my NAHA class (and every semester here on out), it just says "Hospital" it UNMH? That would be kinda cool because I volunteer there already and am familiar with it.

    -What do you need to purchase before you start (scrubs? stethoscope?)?

    -What are the clinical days like? On the class schedule it just says 7:00am-11:00pm...and surely you're not *actually* at the hospital for 16 hrs at a time ...right?

    -What am I getting myself in it really crazy?!

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  3. by   Just Jenn RN
    I graduated back in August, and I know that they did change several things, but the basics haven't changed too much:

    Pres and UNMH seem to be the most common clinical sites. You could potentially go anywhere, so be prepared

    You should have an orientation shortly before the semester starts that will give you info regarding ordering and picking up your scrubs. Stethoscope and other equipment will be picked up around that time or at the beginning of the semester.

    Those are just the hours that you could potentially be there. Usually you spend 6-8 hours on your clinical days (give or take) You could have early morning or later clinicals. This is not counting the extra time you will need to complete care plans, which at first will take a lot of time. Don't expect to have a lot of free time on clinical days.

    -What am I getting myself in it really crazy?!
    Yes, it will be crazy, but it is totally worth it.

    Good luck!
  4. by   misselena
    Thank you SOOO much!
  5. by   Just Jenn RN
    No problem.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to post 'em. I have friends that are in the program right now, so I still get updated on the changes.

    It is pretty chaotic at first until you get in the rhythm of things, but you won't be the only one that feels like you are clueless
  6. by   MomofMultiples
    So I have a question to add to this, which Level would you say was the hardest one? I'm also in the same class as the OP (starting in the spring) and so my Level 2 will be during the summer. I'm worried since summers are always so jam packed.
  7. by   misselena
    Good question...which campus will you be at?
  8. by   Just Jenn RN
    If you have no background in the medical field, I would have to say that level 1 is the hardest. It is a whole new way of thinking and getting into the swing of how it all works can be tough. I did level 1 in the summer (and level 4, which was VERY jam packed), but I survived and you can too!

    As far as the material, level 2 was the most difficult for me, because the content was more difficult. The clinicals were easier though, so it does balance out.

    Don't stress out too much. Just stay organized and learn to love coffee (Those care plans will take up a lot of time at first)
  9. by   misselena
    Well, I'm already on top of the 'loving coffee' part, so I'm on my way
  10. by   Just Jenn RN
    I didn't love coffee before nursing school, now I am an addict. You are one step ahead of me!
  11. by   Fortous
    Fall 11' Grad here:

    1: For me the topic i wished i payed more attention to was developmental psych! I know it sounds odd but truly in level, as you are finding out currently it plays a heavy role. I just passed my NCLEX and it is a big topic in there too so pay attention!

    2: Trust me when i say that being flexible in not knowing what topics might be covered will save you a lot of stress and heartache.

    3: In all levels you have a chance to do clinicals at UNMH and Pres. UNMH is the biggest hospital in the state so a fair amount of groups go there. Level 2 is very similar to one expect that you will be at the hospital longer. In level 3 you do the OB and psych rotation. In-patient psych is only done at UNMH, the OB is done either at UNMH, Pres, or Lovelace Women's.

    4: When you are writing care plans on Wednesday and Thursday nights; do not expect to do anything but write the care plans. Real to de-stress and it will be a much more enjoyable experience.

    5: When level 2 starts buy a NCLEX review book, my favorite is the lippincott Q and A 10th edition, not for studying for the NCLEX but studying for the exams in the course!

    Good luck! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions at all
  12. by   Devie06
    How did your first semester go? I just applied yesterday! I am not too worried about nursing school itself, I am terrified of the Albuquerque job market. Seems like a lot of nursing programs and not enough jobs