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apollo vs gallup

  1. 0 My wife is trying to choose between Apollo nursing school in Albuquerque (10K per semester) or Gallup UNM nursing program (5k for 4 semesters). If she goes to Gallup she will have to commute two hours each way. Once out on Monday and once back on Friday afternoon. Is it worth it to Apollo? The program is so new here that they don't have any graduated yet. They are accredited but not as an official "university" Going to Apollo will hamper later BSN pursuit, and UNM Gallup will be a hardship on her. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to manage this? Is it worth the extra 15k it will cost to go to Apollo?
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    Apollo will not hamper her ability to obtain her BSN they are currently seeking accredidation from the NLNAC however they have to have a nursing program already running in order to recieve that accreditation approval! i have talked with UNM and they are currently working on a program to accept students from apollo into their RN to BSN program, and apollo college already has written agreement with several schools such as university of phoenix and a colleges in other states. Also the apollo college of nursing just recieved their accreditation in phoenix so albuquerque shouldnt be to far behind! Hope this helps I choose to go to apollo and have already been offered 20,000.00 in schlorship money from lovelace where I would have to sign on for 6 months for every 5,000.00 I recieve I plan to use that money to offset the cost of tuition. So far the program is excellent great instructors and a brand new facility on menaul PM me with any questions you have!
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    Who do I talk to (or who does my wife talk to) about getting 20k from Lovlace?!!!! That would make all of the difference. She got her acceptance letter today to Apollo so it looks like that is where she will be going. Now we just have to figure out how to pay for it!
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    the lovelace rep that came by to talk to us in class was with recruitment but thats all the info I have here at home I will try to get his number on monday. i think your wife may have to have her financial aid and admission packet complete before lovelace will allow a signed contract with them but im not sure either way lovelace will only give 5,000 per semester once the semester has begun and that has a cap of 10,000 per year! Apollo does have some different loan programs that may help!
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    Can anyone tell me how to get a hospital to help pay for college?
    I'm thinking about Apollo because wait list is so long everywhere else.
    Downfall is COST!
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    Quote from John Joe J
    Can anyone tell me how to get a hospital to help pay for college?
    I'm thinking about Apollo because wait list is so long everywhere else.
    Downfall is COST!
    most hospitals have tuition reimbursment. But you have to pay first. some hospitals after school offer tuition forgiveness. shop around. I lived in Albuquerque for 11 years and loved it. UNM is great the hospital is fantastic. Could never get better clinicals then there. the experience would be a valuable asset.

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