Anyone know the petitioning process at CNM?

  1. I am applying to get into CNM's Nursing program straight from UNM, so I am not yet familiar with how they sort applicants. I heard that they accept those who have been on the waiting list longest (if so, then I'm SCREWED!)...if they go by GPA, tha'd be great. Also, I wonder how long the wait list is?

    Thanks anyone know has any info
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  3. by   mvgg76
    I just graduated from CNm this past fall and they would go by the date you petition. Everyone who petions is accepted as long as you have a 2.0, and also base your start date on when you declared nursing your major. When I petitioned, the waiting list was about a year and a half....I don't know how much of this has changed, but hope it helps.
  4. by   misselena
    Thank you
    I was talking to an advisor--trying to change my major to Nursing, and he told me that I could only declare Nursing as my major after I was already accepted into the program! I told him that that's not what the course catalog says, and he said they changed it. We will see!
  5. by   nursingcares
    They recently did away with the waiting list..I just graduated from CNM this past weekend. I think now they are going to do a scoring process more like UNM's. If I were you I'd just go to the JS building and go up to the 3rd floor..There is a little window in the hall there where you may be able to find out what you need to do. Also check the website..they may have uploaded the new changes.
  6. by   penelopelp
    To see the new requirements, go to CNM's page on nursing, and click on Application Process. Nursing

    They are basing it on a point system for grades on specific prerequisites, and on the score for the HESI A2. You probably want to attend the next information session, which is in January. (The info is on their site.)
  7. by   misselena
    I attended the information session a few weeks ago. They did do away with the waiting list process, and now go off of GPA + HESI score. Thanks everyone
  8. by   Devie06
    Did you get in? When do you start? I'm going to an info session next month. I declared nursing in the fall 2010 as soon as I transferred. I go to UNM and CNM. My gpa is 3.8 currently and I want to petition this August. Does anyone know the chances I would start in January 2012?
  9. by   misselena
    Devie, I am not applying until this summer. As long as you have the pre-reqs completed by the end of this semester (Spring '11) and you petition this summer (June), then I feel fairly confident to say that you will get in starting Spring '12. 3.8 is a good GPA, and they only look at GPA--not the date you declared Nursing as your major. One other thing besides GPA that they look at is your HESI exam score--which you will learn more about when you go to your information session. You can also google "HESI II" for more info on that. Good luck to you!
  10. by   misselena
    Oh, and one more thing, you won't get in starting Spring '12 if you apply in August because you need one semster in between applying and starting to take your Nursing Competency Trainings and such, so apply in June.
  11. by   Devie06
    Oh no! I have to take anatomy and physiology 2 in the summer because I am just now in anatomy I this semester So I won't be able to start until summer 2011? !!
  12. by   misselena
    Hopefully they can give you better info. If you petition in August '11, you would most likely start in Summer '12.
  13. by   Devie06
    I might as well finish my UNM pre reqs in the fall then and apply there. I was just hoping to start sooner I guess I will find out at the next information session. But they will tell me the same thing they told you. I did call the nursing dept and the lady said I could petition in the fall for spring semester. But maybe she was just an admin assistant though
  14. by   misselena
    Well, I wish you the best luck! I was also a UNM student who transferred. UNM's Nursing program is very, very competitive. They only accept 6-8 (on average) applicants per semester out of 60-90. So 10%. I couldn't deal with the uncertainty of how many semesters I would have to petition to get accepted! Good luck!