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I am applying to get into CNM's Nursing program straight from UNM, so I am not yet familiar with how they sort applicants. I heard that they accept those who have been on the waiting list longest (if so, then I'm SCREWED!)...if... Read More

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    Hopefully they can give you better info. If you petition in August '11, you would most likely start in Summer '12.
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    I might as well finish my UNM pre reqs in the fall then and apply there. I was just hoping to start sooner I guess I will find out at the next information session. But they will tell me the same thing they told you. I did call the nursing dept and the lady said I could petition in the fall for spring semester. But maybe she was just an admin assistant though
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    Well, I wish you the best luck! I was also a UNM student who transferred. UNM's Nursing program is very, very competitive. They only accept 6-8 (on average) applicants per semester out of 60-90. So 10%. I couldn't deal with the uncertainty of how many semesters I would have to petition to get accepted! Good luck!
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    Thanks! You too Is there an advisor from CNM that you could recommend for nursing?
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    There's no specific Nursing Advisors, unfortunately :/ Not that I know of!
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    Are you petitioning in the fall now, or are you petitioning in the next few weeks? I heard they did away with summer petitioning! Also, did you take Hesi II yet? How was it?
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    I am petitioning this summer. The petition dates for 2011 are Feb. 9-11, June 22-24, and September 28-30. I know the canceled the summer petitioning date last year- I hope they don't do it again!

    And no, I haven't taken the HESI II yet; the HESI A2 is what is req'd before you petition. Good luck to you!!!
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    Where are you finding this info? I called yesterday to CNM Main Campus and was told next petitioning date is this month, there will be no summer petitioning, and they have not yet set a date for fall petitioning. Are you in Rio Rancho? Maybe it is different there? I just thought everyone applied ay main campus. Also, what is your GPA? Did you take Microbio at UNM? How was it? I had a tough time with my first exam, but I also was on Cicodin after having my wisdim teeth pulled My next 21st is Monday, so it better be good! Lol
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    I meant I was taking Vicodin, and my next test is Monday! Stupid touchscreen phones
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    I am at Main, too...
    I attended to most recent information session, and that's the information they gave us. I emailed the Assistant Director of the Nursing Dept. and asked her, so I'll let you know what she says!

    I have a 3.8, and I am taking Micro right now at CNM. I got a 95% or the first exam, an 83% on the second (yikes!)...I am stressing about the lab midterm, though!

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