UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Fall 2011

  1. Hey Everyone

    I was originally accepted into the Summer Accelerated BSN program but chose to defer my enrollment until Fall 2011. I would love to connect with people who will be attending the same program. Maybe we could connect via facebook or this site and create a support group.

    Waiting to hear from my future classmates!
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  3. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    How long did it take to hear your decision from them?? I still havent heard from them. I applied for summer 2011 (few days before the deadline).
  4. by   km3428
    If you applied for the Summer program then you should have heard from them by now. The orientation for the Summer term was in March. I would call them and find out if they received all your information before the deadline (they are very strict about that). All of my paperwork, except for one recommendation letter, came in before the deadline for the Spring term and for that they automatically bumped my application to the Summer 2011 pile.
  5. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    Thank you for your reply!!!!! yea I submitted everything on time....But I think my application will be automatically deferred to Fall 2011 applicant pool...since all the seats are filled??I only got an email from them why I don't have BA degree and told them I am expected to graduate this May....hate waitingggg.
  6. by   km3428
    No problem, and yes I agree I like things to happen fast as well. Which campus did you apply to?
  7. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    First I applied to both Newark and Stratford and they said I have to choose one...I chose Newark. Hope I hear from them soon....Also do you think they put importance on the 3 recommendations????? Like my GPA is not competitive at all so I am hoping my recommendations will boost up my application a little bit...
  8. by   km3428
    They def look at the recommendation letters, at least that's what the admissions person told me when I called. He said that they look at the overall package and base their decisions on that. I'm sure you are in but you probably wont hear anything for a while since the Fall term is still some time away.

    Hope to see you on campus in the Fall.
  9. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    Thank you!!! @km3428
  10. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    They emailed me last week saying my application is inactivated because I don't have a bachelor degree at the time of application (for summer 2011 application deadline 3/15/2011). UMDNJ doesn't do conditional enrollment?

    Another problem is that I am trying to re-apply for Fall 2011 and then realized my school's release date for final transcript and diploma is June 1, 2011(My graduation is on 5/16/2011) and fall 2011 application deadline is 5/20/2011.

    HELP ME what should I do in this case!!!!!

    I am quite surprised UMDNJ doesn't have conditional enrollment.
    Should I contact dean of my school so I can get some initial form of graduation certificate or something? I don't want to wait till spring 2012.

  11. by   cosy
    It is a good idea to form a support group and stick together since I am also going to be in the Fall 2011 class. I hope to get accepted since I submitted my application early.
    See you there soon!!!
  12. by   mj0710
    I started the accelerated BSN program in May and unfortunately they do not make any exceptions for being unable to reach deadlines etc. Also, they are extremely strict about the 3.0 GPA requirement - when I was applying I understood that they didn't even look at applications with lower GPAs (which is also unfortunate because you could have a 2.9 from an Ivy league school and will not even be considered). Also, I empathize with you all regarding their lack of conditional acceptances. I quit my job in June 2010 and took 16 credits of science courses in the fall (the remainder of my prerequisites) assuming that I could apply for the Spring 2011 start as long as my professors sent progress reports indicating my standing in each of my classes. I maintained "As" in each of my courses throughout the semester and despite hand-delivering components of my application, changing my CPR course to an earlier date to make sure I would be certified on time, and calling on a daily basis to ensure that my recommendation letters and transcripts were received, I was e-mailed in November and was told that the application committee was unable to make a decision. After calling a number of times, I was finally told that because I had more than two prerequisites in progress at the time of application, I was not considered a "serious" applicant (apparently taking A & P I, II, Microbiology, and General Chemistry at the same time and getting "As" in each of these classes didn't prove to them that I really wanted to start in January). Anyway, I hope I am not discouraging any of you, I just think it's only fair that everyone understands that there really aren't any exceptions made in this process!
  13. by   km3428
    I'm sorry I just saw your post now. How did it go? I hope you've contacted the dean, its always a good idea to speak to someone so they can give you direction. I hope all went well.
  14. by   km3428
    At mj0710: How are you doing so far? How are your professors and your class/clinical schedule. Please reply I am getting very nervous.

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