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Hey Everyone I was originally accepted into the Summer Accelerated BSN program but chose to defer my enrollment until Fall 2011. I would love to connect with people who will be attending the same program. Maybe we could... Read More

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    Quote from km3428
    HI Congrats on getting in. I will be living off campus. Does anyone want to exchange emails? Spoke to someone who completed the program and she also recommended sticking together, we will all need support from one another at some point in the 15 months.
    hey km3428, you living off campus as in from your house to school or you'll look for a place there? Yes we do need to stick together. PM me your email if you don't mind.

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    no, have not receive my acceptance letter. I am really nervous and S-C-A-R-E-D.....
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    congrats!!!! to those who have received fall 2011 acceptance letter, an still keeping my fingers crossed..... really nervous.....
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    @ cosy, I think you should call the school and find out because you should've received it by now.
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    hi kiki1984, just called and was asked to wait till the end of July for response... hope the response will be favorable...
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    @cosy, really? That is weird. How come some people got their acceptance letter already then? I'm guessing some might end up changing their minds so they will replace those people with other applicants who qualifies. But I am hoping you get in though. Goodluck with that.
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    it sounds ridiculous but will have to wait. I was sent the same email in middle of June when I inquired about my application status. The guy told me the same thing today, i hope they are not playing some kind of game. they should let me know either way... still hoping.
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    omg I am still waiting for the decision too.....i was asked about one of my chem classes the other day. hope this isnt a big deal....
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    I do not understand why you guys have to wait if you applied for fall 2011 and my acceptance letter states to send in all documents no later than July 15th so I don't get it.
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    yeah, i dont understand it either. they just keep saying i have to wait.....-_-...guess i have to call them again.

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