UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Fall 2011 - page 3

Hey Everyone I was originally accepted into the Summer Accelerated BSN program but chose to defer my enrollment until Fall 2011. I would love to connect with people who will be attending the same... Read More

  1. by   cosy
    it sounds ridiculous but will have to wait. I was sent the same email in middle of June when I inquired about my application status. The guy told me the same thing today, i hope they are not playing some kind of game. they should let me know either way... still hoping.
  2. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    omg I am still waiting for the decision too.....i was asked about one of my chem classes the other day. hope this isnt a big deal....
  3. by   kiki1984
    I do not understand why you guys have to wait if you applied for fall 2011 and my acceptance letter states to send in all documents no later than July 15th so I don't get it.
  4. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    yeah, i dont understand it either. they just keep saying i have to wait.....-_-...guess i have to call them again.
  5. by   cosy
    ...still hoping for the best and praying hard...
  6. by   Wanda2370
    Hi everyone, I applied for fall 2011 as well and wa told by the gentlemen in the admissions department to just be patient. I think if acceptance letters already went out with a response date of July 15th, we were probably wait listed and maybe will have to reapply for the spring 2011. Because the latest message from CAS indicated the new application can be updated after August 15th. So if we receive a decision letter after July 15th, we can reapply for the spring which has a deadline of September 7, 2011. Congrats to all of you have already received acceptance letters and I pray for those waiting for acceptance letters.
  7. by   Wanda2370
    Sorry, what I intended to say in the previous message was, if we get a response after July 15th, we will probably be accepted, or moved over to start/reapply for spring 2012. Nursing Cas will not be available August 1-15. I truly believe if we were out, we would have gotten rejection letters by now. Also, I believe UMDNJ accepts 60 but only admits 50; people have to decide if they want to attend and also pass the background test. What is perplexing, they have a pre admission course that starts 5 weeks before the semester, so I guess, I am not sure, we will be pushed back to the spring. COZY, don't be nervous, I think you will still get in, be it September or January.
  8. by   dia123
    One of the clerks in admissions told me they sent rejections before they sent out acceptance. Another clerk told me they were still making decisions for the Stratford campus, and they have not sent anything out. I don't know what to believe. I get so many different answers.
  9. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    im still waiting too.....
  10. by   EyeoftheTiger
    Hello All,

    I feel everyone's frustrations with the process. I believe I am on a waiting list for UMDNJ as well, as I have heard nothing and have not received any responses to my inquiries. This entire process of applying to these schools was more intense than applying for a PhD.

    However, I was accepted to Jersey City for the Fall 2011. Students also have to notify the school by July 17, 2011. So those of you waiting may get contacted after that date. Anyone else accepted at NJCU???

    I've spoken to nurses who have gone through and not made it through the accelerated programs. I was highly encouraged to make a group of friends and all of us work together in study groups, or it becomes unnecessarily competitive and overwhelming.
  11. by   dia123
    When did you receive your letter from njcu?
  12. by   Wanda2370
    Congrats on NJCU, I applied there as well, but I did not get in. I received my rejection letter from them last Wednesday, on the 6th!
  13. by   EyeoftheTiger
    I got a letter dated from June 30th. I received it two days after.