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Hey Everyone I was originally accepted into the Summer Accelerated BSN program but chose to defer my enrollment until Fall 2011. I would love to connect with people who will be attending the same... Read More

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    Quote from lilblue8511

    i also just got accepted this past week. YES, lots of scrambling to do with paperwork and all. Then have to secure some funds. Fun stuff! Anyone have an idea how big the cohort is, being that it's the first time there's a Fall group?

    Heyyy I'm on the same boat as you!! I joined the fb group for our class which is everyone's been really helpful! I'm on auto-mode just trying to get everything done now..don't even know whats happening anymore!! lol
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    sweet...I'm at Stratford though, not Newark.

    And as we speak, am creating a FB group for the Stratford group!
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    Here is the group link for the Stratford - Fall 2011 group!
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    Does anyone know when we should get the acceptance letter for Spring 2012? The deadline is september 7, I submitted everything last week. Is it kinda late?
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    Marki's Mom, I don't think you're late. I was told they don't start reviewing any of the applications until after the deadline date. So you should be good. I'm hoping to find out when they'll be sending out letters as well. Anyone know?
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    Quote from Marki'sMom
    Does anyone know when we should get the acceptance letter for Spring 2012? The deadline is september 7, I submitted everything last week. Is it kinda late?
    Between October-December.
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    Hi everyone,
    Do we have to have the proof from American Heart Association by the deadline? do we have to mail it to them. I haven't even call the number yet
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    Yes, everything has to be received by the deadline. I scanned the front/back of my certification card and mailed it to them.
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    thx helen88a, i don't have that yet, i guess i will not be able to make it for the spring 2011. Another question, i mailed everything to NursingCAS, personal statement and all the recommendation forms. is the deadline for the nursingcas or the school has to receive everything by then, they still haven't received one transcript, the college did not open yet because it was flooded from the hurricane Irene, so it is not sent yet. I hope i can make everything on time
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    The deadline date is for the school. All of your transcripts have to be in by the deadline date. However, NursingCas will accept and process your transcripts after the deadline date. You can call UMDNJ and explain your situation and see if they will work something out with you.
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    For those of you who were accepted, would you mind sharing your GPA & grades on the prerequisites? Just want to have a general idea on where I stand with my grades. Thank you! Also, on NursingCAS, you must type in every class you have ever taken as a sort of online transcript as well as sending in official transcripts? I thought that was sort of strange and just wanted to be clear. Thanks again.