Transferring into either Saint Peter's University or FDU - page 2

Hello I am a transfer student trying to get accepted into either the Saint Peters or FDU nursing program. I visited the campuses and they seem pretty nice. Can anyone give me some extra insight on... Read More

  1. by   SweetDream
    How is the program at bloomfield? How long is it for?
  2. by   Futurenursequana
    The program is 3 years they only accept students in fall. Idk how the program is exactly since this will be my first official year in the nursing program .
  3. by   trackstar90220
    I like it at Bloomfield. It's a small program, so you really get to know your professors and your peers. They have a lot of resources to help with the courses if need be, it's like a family.
  4. by   Futurenursequana
    Is the program extremely hard? Or do I think it's pretty much fair to succeed ?
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  5. by   trackstar90220
    Well I would never say that any nursing program is easy. Nursing is something that you have to put work into no matter what. The harder you study the easier things will be for you. So work hard and things should work out well
  6. by   Futurenursequana
    What items will I need for my first semester I'm waiting for my package
  7. by   trackstar90220
    You will really only need the textbooks that they will tell you about, the required uniform, a stethoscope, and a BP cuff.
  8. by   Amaradee
    Will you be living on campus at BC? I got accepted into the pre-nursing program but have accomodation issues coz i do not know if I will be able to afford the dorm fees..
  9. by   Futurenursequana
    I commute because it much cheaper and I don't think the dorms are worth the money ... I have a car so it's not that bad of a commute
  10. by   Amaradee
    Do you live by yourself or with parents?
  11. by   ashelly
    Hi I'm planning to go to Bloomfield too for my BSN. I'm currently a bio major taking prereqs. at Bergen Community College for nursing. I've/currenly taking A&P1and 2, chem, stat.,WRT1and2, psych. What all other classes should I take to consider Bloomfield. What are the process?

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