the right RN school ??????

  1. Hi, everyone.....

    i recently contacted some 2 years colleges for RN program around central Jersey......found out that many colleges have waitting lists. however, i am hoping to get into the Fall,2005 and starting my RN program.

    i found out that most of RN programs' deadline is around March....however.....i am not sure if i should apply for admission first? or i can apply the RN program at the same time?

    i know that i may be late for this.....i am hoping to do whatever it takes to get into RN program this year.....

    any suggestions??? some people even told me to go to NY for RN program.....(they said that some schools at NY do not have any waitting list for their nursing program)

    does any of you by any chance know any school that may not have any waitting list?

    or is there anything i can do to help myself get into the RN program as soon as possible????

    i understand that these questions may sound kind of stupid.....i am very lost here with all the information...i am having hard time knowing what i should do at this moment...........

    thank you all for your time........

    wish you the best....................
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  3. by   ear
    There are several RN programs in Central NJ. Most have wait lists, about two years. I just spent 2 years waiting, and taking the prereq's I needed. ( I had most classes from my BA degree) and now all I have to focus on is the Nursing Program itself and I just started.

    When I checked last ( a couple of years ago) Atlantic County didnt have a wait list.

    If you have all of the core classes completed or not, perhaps a BSN program?

    I would suggest though, that if the RN is what you are wanting to get in as many applications as you can, then see who calls first!
  4. by   chgrace02
    thanks,ear. it was nice to know. i finished all prereg classes already. like you said, i will think about BSN program perhaps.....