Starlight Pediatric Homecare

  1. Has any new grads applied to Starlight Pediatrics and if so what is the training like and also how is the salary?
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  3. by   grateful77rn
    I work for them and the training is ok if you are not comfortable with working on your own yet they will keep you on orientation until you are comfortable. the starting rate for rns is 27 an hr and lpns is 20 an hr
  4. by   RNDreamer
    How long is the standard training? Is it Monday through Friday, and for how many weeks?
  5. by   grateful77rn
    o no its nothing like that it is more that you get oriented to the case that you are working on for a shift if you are comfortable or if you need more time you will be oriented to that case for more shifts
  6. by   Aisel
    Hey, I am interested in doing this. Do you get paid for shadowing the nurse?
  7. by   grateful77rn
    10/hr to shadow but 27/hr after that
  8. by   BertRN07
    Hello there- just stumbled on this thread. I've worked on a burn unit for 3 years now. We have pts of all ages, so I have a bit of peds experience. I'm looking for a change of scenery. I think Starlight might be more my pace; I'm just not sure what a peds homecare rn does. Also I'm curious as to how much traveling is required. Anyway insight is much appreciated!!
  9. by   lapoRtaN
    I interviewed at Starlight today and it seemed like a pretty good agency to work for I am very interested. Do you still work there and what's your experience like?

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