SMH (Shaking my head),Still no job yet

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    This is getting out of hand now,cant land me a job for nothing!!!!

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    How long has it been? It's hard I know! Something great will come your way.
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    its been 7 depressing months!!!
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    I know how depressing it is! I'm 40 with 2 kids and I had a great job in a hospital and unfortunately a preceptor who in general was not liked by anyone and not only ate her young she was the " HANNIBAL " of nurses. I stood up to her after 4 months of pure hell and then was forced to resign because it was either me or her! Its funny because i teach my kids to stand up to bullies but i NEVER thought i would have to! I was the new one so it didn't matter how right I was ! Talk about depression!!! Your not alone and it's a struggle but there has to be something more for both of us!!!
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    I'm sorry, what does SMH mean?
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    According to a google search it means 'shaking my head' or scratching my head in Internet slang.
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    shaking my head!!!
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    This august has been a year since i graduated lpn school and still havents found no job. I never been so sad in my life.
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    Sigh, I'm just going to put this out there. If your grammar on here is any reflection of your grammar on an application, it may very well lead you to a clue as to why you haven't been invited to an interview. On second thought; it took me 1 years to become gainfully employed as an RN. "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." Perseverance pays off. Good luck.
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    No its not, i make sure i take my time when i am doing my applications. thanks and yes i am going to need all the luck.

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