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Hi everyone. I just wanted to start this thread for all the people who are applying to the Rutgers ABSN program so we can stay in touch as we hear back from the school. I believe March 1 is the... Read More

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    May 4th

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    Time & Location?
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    She doesn't say time and location, montic, sorry! She said details to follow. Have you accepted? I am working on the setup of netid, fed pin, etc.. and have to set up an appt for physical/blood work. Also need to call about the challenge course.
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    yes, i am in.
    it didn't say the time and location in the emailed i received. thought you might have more info. than i do. hoho.... be careful when you setup your netid. it asked me to choose the campus but i wasn't sure, so didn't complete it. you don't want to mess up your netid as my friend told me it took much longer to fix it than you would expect. also you will need it for almost everything @rutgers.
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    Is everyone who is part of the ABSN program accepted into the Newark campus? Or are we separated between New Brunswick and Newark? Is there a difference?
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    No difference. I believe you can take classes either in Newark or New Brunswick.
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    The information package I got says Newark. Is that the same for you montic? I just heard recently that New Brunswick is more prestigious, so I was just wondering if I chose incorrectly or something.
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    I received an e-mail saying

    "You are correct you have been admitted into the accelerated program, however this year we admitted a larger number of students that will be grouped into two cohorts - one cohort in Newark campus and the other in the New Brunswick campus. We are giving students the opportunity to choose their preferred campus affiliation."

    I guess we can choose- I am about to e-mail her and find out more info... I will let you know what she says
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    She responded

    "The only difference between the two is that if you have a New Brunswick campus affiliation, your lectures will be held in New Brunswick and your clinical practicums can be located through-out the state. If you choose Newark campus, the majority of your lectures will be held in Newark and most of your clinical practicums will take place in Englewood Hospital."
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    That's weird, I guess my affiliation has already been chosen for me? But I do kind of remember choosing Newark as I was applying. Although I wonder what "throughout the state" means for New Brunswick students.

    Thank for the info gmm1009! Can I ask who you've been emailing? The person I've emailed hasn't responded to me at all =(

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