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Hi everyone. I just wanted to start this thread for all the people who are applying to the Rutgers ABSN program so we can stay in touch as we hear back from the school. I believe March 1 is the... Read More

  1. by   JesseNJ
    Obviously, this is something to discuss with the Deans, but most Interpersonal Communications classes, usually offered in the Communications departments of most colleges, were acceptable substitutes for HIP.In my year, they allowed students to complete challenges anytime before the end of the summer. This was a disaster because the first summer is crazy intense. Denise should be able to give you the syllabi for the challenge courses you need, but you'll have to ask her for them. First thing to know about Rutgers is that communicating with students is not what they do best. Be proactive and pester them if you have to.
  2. by   JesseNJ
    And I don't believe that there is an equivalent for Cultural Dimensions. if you weren't a Rutgers student and have already taken it, I don't think there is a way out of it. As I said earlier, it is a hard exam.
  3. by   onedayitllbeme
    gmm - can you explain what you meant - 'you choose new brunswick'. Do you mean you emailed the coordinator that that is your choice? when applying the only choice for accelerated was 'newark' , new brunswick didn't have the option. I wouldn't mind being at Newark, but I am not sure about only being at Englewood hospital, i'd like to be at a variety of hospitals in the west jersey area.
  4. by   gmm1009
    yes exactly... after she called me I e-mailed her the next day and told her i would prefer New Brunswick (after asking about the difference between them). I am sure there will be more details at the orientation. I was unaware that they were doing the two cohorts until she told me
  5. by   onedayitllbeme
    Thanks gmm! I spoke to her as well (using 'her' as i don't think you are allowed to use names on allnurses) and she said i was in the newark cohort. if you didn't specify in your essay that you were placed based on where you lived. i certainly live closer to newark, englewood now, but was planning a move to union county!

    She said i can switch if i can 'find someone at orientation' willing to switch.. seems like a bit of a tall order. she said not all will be at englewood hospital just more, overall though i'd feel more comfortable i think in the new brunswick program. either way i'll make it work as i have to! resigned from my day job effective tuesday. i will be studying hard over the next few weeks for the challenge exam. imagine not passing after you have left your job! that would be disasterous..

    (so weird about the essay though as it didn't say anything about specifying the location you would rather be in, i knew about the possibility of 2 cohorts from the info session, but I didn't know that is how you choose.. hmm)
  6. by   onedayitllbeme
    btw -looks like schedule for summer is half day mond-thursday, one online class, no class on friday.
  7. by   chiasmus100
    onedayitllbeme, do you know if we'll be taking Pharmacotherapeutics? It is listed on the Rutgers nursing website as part of the summer curriculum, but not in the schedule of classes...
  8. by   gmm1009
    Has anyone received any financial aid information?
  9. by   onedayitllbeme
    chiasmus100 - Yes, we will be taking it, that might be the one that is online this semester. Which campus are you in? i found out that there is one class that will be only on new brunswick for the summer in the afternoon (on Mondays)

    gmm , no didn't receive, so far i only paid the enrollment fee, when do we have to start paying the tuition?
  10. by   yoobin
    onedayitllbeme, does that mean that those of us in the Newark cohort will have to commute to New Brunswick once a week? If you don't mind my asking, where are you getting all of your information? I ask not because I doubt but because I've been finding it incredibly difficult and frustrating to find any information.

    gmm1009, I haven't received any information yet either. Have you sent in the required documents yet? I called the College of Nursing a month ago and they confirmed that I did not need to send anything in, and just last week I got a notice from the Financial Aid Office saying I do need to send something in
  11. by   chiasmus100
    I am in the Newark cohort! Is anyone else trying to decide between moving closer to campus or commuting by car? I live with my parents and commute to Newark by train currently. It takes me a little over an hour each way, but that is just 2 days a week. This summer I am thinking I will get a dorm or little apartment/room closer to campus. But, then I think it is better to stay with mom and dad and have a car for the clinicals...
  12. by   gmm1009
    yoobin, I called today asking about the financial aid info. They could not even give me an estimated tuition cost... it is really frustrating me. I found the two documents they needed and faxed them over today, hopefully they can give me my financial aid info tomorrow before orientation. And I JUST found out I was accepted to Seton Hall and am considering changing to do that program instead...
  13. by   gmm1009
    I just un-enrolled.... I wish you all luck!!!!!!!!!!!

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