Rant: What a PIA to get a NJ license by endorsement!!

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    Says it all. Sixteen pages, gotta get affidavits from all the states I'm licensed in (or ever was licensed in) that don't participate in Nursys, get fingerprinted, and on and on and on. And they make you pay a lot of money for the privilege of being abused, too.

    I have licenses in 8 states (alas, I don't live in a compact state). Three want fingerprints. One made me take a 3-hour online class on abuse and neglect. One made me explain why my work is really nursing. One said, "When do you need it? Next week? Sure, no problem." One said, "Three months." Two want me to pay $60- 100 to send a form to say I have/had licensure there. One sends me an enormous (15" x 18", for real) gilded license to frame, but no wallet card. One sends out no cards at all, just the website to go check for me.

    We need national licensure.
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    Sorry that you're having such a prolonged ordeal, but hey, this is New Jersey!!! Residents here who've had experience with government, we all know that our Civil Service moves really slow. It is what it is here. Just a way of life. And if you try making phone calls ....

    My personal opinion is that we do have good government (all jokes aside). It is just that it moves slow...no getting around it.

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