Our Lady of Lourdes RN program

  1. I am looking at getting into OLOL after a "failure" (needed a C or better got a C-) at another program about 3 years ago. I went to talk to an adviser at CCC about my pre-reqs and getting into the program for spring 2018. She advised me that with a failure at another school I was no eligible to apply to the program. I have had numerous other people who graduated from OLOL tell me this is not true. Does anyone know the policy on this? I have a 3.0 GPA and almost all my pre-reqs completed.
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  3. by   whatwasithinking75
    Apply any way.
  4. by   ssttoo10
    That's not true at all, you can absolutely still apply and get accepted into the program. They may question your grade the first time around, but it's not an automatic decline. Definitely apply, it's a terrific program!