1. I will be taking the entrance exam next month and have been out of school for 20 years so can you give me some idea what will be on the test so I know what I should be studying? Thanks
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  3. by   ihk1017
    Hi, I will also be taking the entrance exam next month althou I have been out of school a little longer than u . When I get a gist of what to study, I will certainly let u know!
  4. by   donna67
    I will be taking the entrance exam at that school, out of school 20 years, i took out a book at the library lpn pre entrance exam. Hope this is helpful to you.
  5. by   nmlpn
    Thanks, I just read about the book and thats just what I needed. I'm going to pick it up too.
  6. by   nicolelynn1985nj
    Im currently a student in the ocvts lpn program and all you really need is a GED book. Good luck!!
    If you have any more questions about the program feel free to ask!

  7. by   algenoa
    RE: nicolelynn1985nj

    Hii, I was looking on the OCVTS website for some information but couldn't find what I was looking for. I just wanted to know what the tuition is for the lpn program and if there is any info you could share about applying and how you like the program so far.

    Thanks in advance, Alyssa
  8. by   nicolelynn1985nj
    Hello algenoa,

    The tuition adds up to about 7500. After you take the pre admin test though and pass it you can make an appt with ***** the financial aid advisor (shes great and will make sure you get any money you qualify for) when you register they want 3000 but by that time grace will have done your financial aid so hopefully you wont have to pay any money out of pocket for that..then its a couple hundred for books,uniforms,supplies and that you will have to pay out of pocket. Then the rest of the tuition (another 3000) is due in january but financial aid would cover that also.
    The program is hard and fast moving..theres a lot of information being taught to you in a short period of time but if its what you want then you'll get through it. Its an excellent program with great instructors and I highly recommend it. We have a lot of fun and I have nothing bad to say about it.
    All I did when I applied was print out the lpn form from their website ocvts.org filled it out and mailed it in and then they will send you a letter telling you the date and time to come in and take your pre admin test and when you pass that you go for your drug test and then after that they let you know the time and date for registration.
    Let me know if you have any more questions and how everything goes! Good luck in whatever you decide to do!
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  9. by   ihk1017
    I was notified today that I passed the entrance exam!! Now onto the paperwork, etc!!
  10. by   nmlpn
    Congratulations! I recieved the letter today too! I was surprised we got it so fast!
  11. by   ihk1017
    Did anyone get a letter in reference to registration on June 22nd???????????
  12. by   nmlpn
    I recieved the letter today.
  13. by   nmlpn
    Do we need to have our physical done before registration or can it be done over the summer?
  14. by   ihk1017
    Quote from feather7
    Do we need to have our physical done before registration or can it be done over the summer?
    I imagine we can have it done during the summer. When are u taking the cpr class???