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I will be taking the entrance exam next month and have been out of school for 20 years so can you give me some idea what will be on the test so I know what I should be studying? Thanks... Read More

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    could anyone tell me which books that i will need i know they gave us a book list but before i go ahead and order all of them are there some books you dont need ??

    thanks =]

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    Hi Im looking to buy used books for the lpn classes starting in september 2011, if anyone have some let me know thanks
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    Quote from nicolelynn1985nj
    Im currently a student in the ocvts lpn program and all you really need is a GED book. Good luck!!
    If you have any more questions about the program feel free to ask!

    Hi I'm looking to buy used books for the september class do you know anybody who would be interested in selling their books?

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