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NJCU FastTrack BSN Program Admission Requirements - page 4

I'm getting ready to apply to the 2011 FastTrack BSN Program at New Jersey City University. I was wondering what standards people had that were accepted to the program in the past. I know it says 3.0... Read More

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    Hey how did everyone's application go?
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    Quote from lil2ishaq
    I am glad to hear...are they letting people know if they got accepted or not? How was the HESI?

    The program is good....it is QUICK! As far as clinical, you can't choose your placement but they will try to accommodate you (in the sense, try to find the closest hospital to where you live etc etc)

    all i can say is if you get accepted to this program, stick to it... personally i chose this program because it was dirt cheap compared to other MORE prestigious nursing programs that I got accepted to... for a BSN, i must say that it doesn't matter where you go... if someone else thinks other, good for them.. but honestly it doesn't.... for those of you who plan on going for your MSN...then it matters

    Besides being cheap, its SMALL- 45ish students...and its only 12 months...all the other programs that i looked into were 15+ months...

    best of luck

    Sorry for the late reply. Last day to submit applications is the 20th I think (Jersey City) Right now we are all waiting to hear a response. The HESI exam was not bad. Its kind of similar to the NLN, but thats my opinion. I wish we could have more than one chance to take it. I am glad to hear that the program is good. I believe that is why so many people are applying. I live in New York City and I hope that I get in and get a clinical site that close to the city. I've done alot of research of accelerated BSN programs both in NJ and NY this is the best and realistic school I've came across.
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    [quote=ashhast;5150789]Hey how did everyone's application go?

    We are still waiting, well I know I am.
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    Oh yeah, they're not even reviewing applications until after today since today is the deadline. I know that much. I wonder how many applicants they ended up receiving. Hopefully we will all hear sooner than later
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    My summer plans are on hold because of this wait... I cant wait to hear from them
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    Mine too, I really hope we find out before I have to start my summer course. How are your credentials? My undergrad GPA wasn't too great, but I got all mostly A's in my pre-requisites (except Stats I got a B) and an 88.25% on the HESI. I received my undergrad at Rutgers Universtiy with a BA in Communication.
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    My undergrad was too great as well, I have B's in my prereqs and HESI score of 83 . I received my undergrad from Hunter College in NYC. BS in Public Health.
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    has anyone received the email link so they can check to see if they are missing any documents? i have not received it yet and i'm getting worried something might have got lost. i was told this everyone would receive the link by this week, but still i have not received anything.
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    Did you ever receive your email and figure all of that out?
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    I have received an email since last month. Maybe you need to give them a call.
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    Yeah I have, but lily0602 was saying on Friday she hadn't received it, so I was just checking to see if she was able to figure that out.
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    I have been calling them. Everytime they tell me that they are still putting people into the system. I also emailed them and they said i need to be patient because they received about 200 appliciants. But then i read on here that everyone said they told them it waqs over 350...so i dont really know. I just hope everything is ok :l
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    So does anyone know how many applications they received in the end?