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Hi everyone! I applied for the njcu fast track bsn wall township cohort 2011. The program starts in two months and I'm anxious to find out about the result of my application. Does anybody know... Read More

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    Good luck to allDoes anyone know what the deadline to submit missing papers is

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    I just called and was told everything needed to be postmarked by Friday April 6,2012 (the deadline).
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    I also called and was told my the end of next week! So maybe they have a window for lateness
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    Nerve racking and exciting!! Hope we all make it
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    I'm in!!! So excited! Anyone else joining me? Can't wait to meet you...
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    the njcu campus? how did you find out? due tell ppplease.
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    Letter was in the mail, I also got In. Hooray, i'm so happy i'm actually crying, see you guys in the fall.
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    I was accepted too! Congrats! Can't wait to get started, do you know how many will be in our class? I heard 600 applied!!
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    I'm in the jc cohort as well
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    I found out about a week ago that I was accepted into NJCU JC campus! I have been pouring over the discussion boards and am so excited/nervous! Congratulations to everyone else in the program, and good luck to those who are still waiting =)
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