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Hi everyone! I applied for the njcu fast track bsn wall township cohort 2011. The program starts in two months and I'm anxious to find out about the result of my application. Does anybody know... Read More

  1. by   bellajuri25
    Hey juegagirlyes they send you an email about an hour later giving you your average score.While you take the exam you will see the scores for each section.The studyguide does help! If you go over it you will find that math and all sections of english are simple. as for Anp, as much as i know my stuff some of the questions they asked i was completely Befuddled. And the bio is def.the.hardest. It is 30 quesn for bio and 30 ques for anp. So prepare for that as well. Good luck let me know how you do
  2. by   SICUmurseCCRN
    Hi Everyone,

    I am also applying! Sending in all of my stuff tomorrow and I already took the HESI. I think the review book is crucial, especially for the Math section, lots of questions on fractions. I also agree Bio and A&P are the hardest and the rest is basics that you either know or don't.

    Good luck to all!
  3. by   SoniaR76
    Hi eveyone,

    I too am applying to the Fall 2012 cohort. I already submitted everything and am waiting to get the email with File management login info. I contacted Samantha and she said that we should receive it sometime next week.

    I took the HESI in February and I would strongly recommend the study guide... I barely looked at it and got a score of 87%... if I had known, I would have focused a bit more on the science parts in the study guide b/c that's where I did poorly.

    Glad we found some support for each other during these next few dreadful months of waiting... Good luck to all!
  4. by   bellajuri25
    Hello all,

    deadline is this thursday! and the waiting begins!!!!!!!
  5. by   juegagirl
    Good luck to allDoes anyone know what the deadline to submit missing papers is
  6. by   chiasmus100
    I just called and was told everything needed to be postmarked by Friday April 6,2012 (the deadline).
  7. by   juegagirl
    I also called and was told my the end of next week! So maybe they have a window for lateness
  8. by   juegagirl
    Nerve racking and exciting!! Hope we all make it
  9. by   SoniaR76
    I'm in!!! So excited! Anyone else joining me? Can't wait to meet you...
  10. by   juegagirl
    the njcu campus? how did you find out? due tell ppplease.
  11. by   juegagirl
    Letter was in the mail, I also got In. Hooray, i'm so happy i'm actually crying, see you guys in the fall.
  12. by   JustFiguringItOut
    I was accepted too! Congrats! Can't wait to get started, do you know how many will be in our class? I heard 600 applied!!
  13. by   PrettyLady87
    I'm in the jc cohort as well