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Hi! Just thought I would start a new thread for NJCU, 2014 applicants! - Any thoughts/concerns regarding the application process or help from alumni is greatly appreciated! I'm applying to the Wall cohort for this May. :up:... Read More

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    Thanks Sarsoora8,
    you are right, they need to be sent to NJCU - I called elsevier and that's what they said.
    So I guess If everything goes right, I should be OK.
    Good Luck! p.

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    Hello everyone!
    I signed up for my HESI exam last October and remember having trouble with the cohort ID number when registering. I'm on customer service with Evolve right now (because Prometric apparently does not have humans working for them) and they're not being much help either. When I type in the cohort ID for Jersey City, it shows as "no exams available". Since I signed up a while ago, I just wanted to try to verify that these scores will be sent to NJCU, but then came across the "no exams available" and started to panic.
    Anyone else have this issue?? I'm jumping through hoops trying to verify that my scores will, in fact, be sent to NJCU, but Evolve is apparently just as confused as I am.
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    Hey Tinemarie -

    I wasn't aware of a Cohort ID - where did you find that?

    The only ID number that I used was the "Main Campus Department ID," which was provided in the HESI registration instructions hyperlink on the NJCU Accelerated page. I used this ID number in order to initially register for my exam. I believe that this is the only ID that you need to input; you wouldn't be able to register for the exam without it.

    I did see the field for cohort ID on the Evolve site, but never saw that mentioned anywhere on the NJCU site, so I just disregarded.

    It seems that a lot of folks (including myself) are unsure of what happens to scores once the HESI is taken. Can anyone that has taken the test share your experiences?

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    Sorry Sorry!! Didn't mean to confuse you (or anyone else). I meant the Department ID. I contacted NJCU and they told me that as long as my address under my confirmation with Prometric says Jersey City, NJ, I should be fine. The woman who responded to my e-mail, (who I'm sure many of you are in contact with), told me that the scores get uploaded to some sort of test score database that NJCU then downloads the scores from. So they don't get "sent" to NJCU per say, but uploaded to this specific database that NJCU has access to. I'm assuming the Dept ID is used to organize scores into their respective database.
    Sorry for the confusion everyone!

    And yes, please anyone who has taken the HESI, please share your experiences!
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    Hi Everyone!! Did anyone have problems with NursingCas posting transcripts? If so how long did it take them to post from the day you had the college send it? My transcript was sent to NursingCas on January 13th and it still has not posted to my account.
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    Hi Lizziefl21,
    What do you mean posting transcripts? If you mean for it to show 'received', I think it took a couple of days for that. Mine was sent on 12/30, and it showed date received as of 1/3.

    If you're asking about individual classes, then you need to enter that in yourself, unless you use that service they provide for a fee.

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi Lizziefl21,

    Don't worry about your transcript. I got really nasty with NursingCAS because my school mailed out my transcript on Janaury 9 and they didn't update it on my account. They insist it is still processing and it takes 7-10 days. Which I think is taking wayyy too long and it is beyond the time frame they told me. Once they get back to me, I will let you know how it goes. Even though NJCU assured some of the students that they understand if NursingCAS takes a while to verify some of the documents, keep in mind that students who completed all the documents and requirements will get review first(since all their paperwork is complete-common sense). Schools are being known for promising something that end up did not happen. I would say you mail out a second transcript as a back up plan.
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    Thanks so much Nadia89! I will be out of town Monday and Tuesday so I will go to my college on Wed and have them overnight another transcript! It's absurd I hate nursingcas. Let me know of your transcript ever posts recieved to your account.
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    My first transcripts took only three days to post from mailing. My last one took 10 days. Was about to request a new one. In regards to the HESI. The grammar had a lot of questions on picking out the grammatically correct or incorrect sentence, which word is used incorrectly, and what does a word mean in such a context. It didn't have many questions on clause, direct object, indirect object, predicate, predicate adjective, predicate nominative, types of nouns, preposition, and conjunction. A & P and BIO were not to in depth although it did ask some random body parts etc. It was mostly from the review book but not only so know basic cell structure, bones, and reproductive parts. Good Luck to all those that didn't take it yet. And good luck to everyone on getting in.
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    Thanks for the help lkhw12! I need all the luck I can get! Taking it this Thursday and so nervous!!!

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