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nj state board of nursing

  1. 0 i'm having a problem with the nj state board of nursing. Everytime i call they have my name wrong and they have me as a rn instead of lpn. Im constantly on the phone everyday with them but everyday i call its a new person and nothing is being done. Since its the call center not the board themself, they can't change anything. Do anyone have a direct number to the nursing board of nj?
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    I would love to know their number too! I put in my application for licensure August 26 2010 and its Feb 2011!! and Ive heard nothing. Tried emailing nothing! Did a google to try to find number again and found your post haha
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    Googled NJ BON #: 973-504-6430
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    They are terrible over the phone and just as organized in person. a few months ago I had enough with the phone and went down to 124 halsey street in Newark to get the info I needed (all I wanted to know was why my school was on their list of accredited schools then removed--turned out to be an error on their part--shows you their lack of organizational skills and professionalism). after having to repeat my inuiry to 4 different people I finally had an answer....and a parking ticket on my window when I made it back to the car!
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    Calling them has been awful for multiple calls & inquiries!!! Please help. I am a Cdn RN, working in Cda, passed NCLEX, have CGFNS approval, lisc in one state. Also have NJ nurse Lisc by endorsement in process- gone through the large process & cost! Received a letter that the only thing outstanding is 'work authorization'. I called (mult times) to understand what this means. Nobody knows & nobody makes effort to find out. I have had people there guess & give me answers that seems really inaccurate, and some I know are inaccurate but nobody is able to be clear. Supposedly someone is supposed to contact me. Havent heard from anyone. No plans to visit NJ right now.

    I guess and ask if they are asking about the TN visa- they dont know. I totally get that I cant work without a TN visa approval. I have never been told that needs to be approved before a lisc is approved. I have looked at 3 other states. I have actually been told by other travel nurses that the visa application later when job offer is given & crossing the boarder to actually get to a job.

    Any insight? another number besides the 'regular' general line to call. Lisc by endorsement in NJ...what is the 'work authorization' they require... is this really before lisc? is this not a separate process?
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    Hi..does anyone know when I ll be seeing my name under the NJ BON..I just took the Nclex yest? thanks