NJ Finger Printing Question.

  1. I sent out my NCLEX application to the NJ BON and i have a question about the finger printing process.

    A family emergency came up and I will be leaving the country to take care of my grandmother for a couple of months and i won't be able to complete the finger printing until i get back.

    must the finger printing be completed to get my eligibility.?

    The application states " When the Board receives the Certification and Authorization Form for a Criminal History Background Check, you will then receive instructions on the fingerprinting process. You will be eligible to sit for the appropriate NCLEX licensing examination. However, you will not be permitted to work or be licensed as a nurse in the State of New Jersey until the Criminal History Background Check has been completed and the Board of Nursing has received the results."

    Correct me if im wrong. From what i understand , I can be eligible to sit for the appropriate NCLEX exam even if my fingerprinting hasn't been completed yet. The fingerprinting is for the background check which is needed by the board to issue you a license and allow you
    to work? am i wrong?

    I called the NJ bon to clarify this and unfortunately i was connected to someone with a bad attitude and was very rude. but i was informed that the fingerprinting has nothing to do with getting eligibility and that it's for licensing purposes.

    i know they wouldn't give any false information being that they work for the bon. but i just wanted to know if it's true because I won't be able to complete my fingerprinting until i come back.

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  3. by   donna67
    you will be eligible to sit for the appropriate nclex licensing examination. however, you will not be permitted to work or be licensed as a nurse in the state of new jersey until the criminal history background check has been completed and the board of nursing has received the results."

    i highlighted this from your message, this is correct.
  4. by   MercyMee
    I had the same issue when dealing with the BON (such crabby attitudes) it didnt help that i graduated 5 years ago. they were a bit ticked off me asking so many question. i explained that i didnt wanna delay my application with any missing documents and so forth.with a little persistency i ended up speaking with ****** the supervisor for Licensure by Examination. To make a long story short, she tells me that i CAN sit and take the nclex without completing the fingerprint but will delay processing my License when i do in fact pass the test..
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