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Hi Everyone! Is anyone planning to do muhlenberg's accelerated program starting in january 2012?... Read More

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    I know when I applied back in March they sent a date to take the test after they received my application. However, I think they changed it. Did you call the school and ask?
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    When you apply they mail you a blue paper that tell you how to register for the exam. They no longer let you take the test with them. You have to register online and select a location at a psi testing center. I retook it a day for the deadline but I was at the school handing in my transcripts, so I let them know it may come I'm just waiting on that acceptance letter. It is taking toooooo long. But you should call normal and talk to her because she handles everything that gets sent to the admission commitee and she sends the letters and emails out.
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    I meant norma blas is who to contact
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    Is anyone applying for the January 2012 accelerated start date?
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    Was the challenge exam difficult?
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    Hi All, I'm entering the Accelerated program this spring. As you're all alumni, could you clue me into what kind of shoes are allowed for clinical?