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Hi Everyone! Is anyone planning to do muhlenberg's accelerated program starting in january 2012?... Read More

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    I hope they take my general chemistry from rutgers. I took both parts and it was hard. Congrads on your acceptance. I started my pre-reqs last year in fall at middlesex county college. How did you do on your Teas Exam. I have to register for it still. I want to take it at the end of this month. I just started studying a little, but since Im studying for my summer class, I am trying to focus on the teas as well. I took A&P2 in the summer and it killed me. I ended up with a B+ i was one point away from an A, so maddd. I graduated from rutgers in 2010, and decided I wanted to go for nursing and that I needed to be serious. I wish I was a bit more focused then. I am so anxious about getting in because I have to pay a 1000 that I owe my school for my transcripts, since there was some screw up when I left the dorm early, so my loan didnt cover it, so now I have to get the money up before the deadline, which is september 15. I hope I get accepted because I do not want to wait until next fall. I was thinking of applying to trinitas just in case they do not accept me. I am so nervous. But I am so focused now more than I have ever been. How do you feel about the accelerated program? Did you hear any experiences about it being that it is one year, fast-paced, and full-time? Do you know how many people they except for the program? Did you have orientation yet or is it at a later date? Have you met people who have been accepted into the accelerated program?

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    I would check into the chem thing. I can almost garuntee they will tell you the same thing they told me. Don't worry about the A&P grades; I got a B in both and they took me. I dont remember my exact TEAS scores at this point but I was well over the min that they required (somewhere in the 93-98th percentiles for all areas except one I think). Dont let the TEAS freak you out; its cake. Get the official review book and brush up on the basics.

    I havent heard too much about the accelerated program itself but I have had a few friends who graduated from the generic program and they loved it. I havent heard anything about orientation as of yet.

    I can tell you that the anticipation is starting to kill me though lol.
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    hello all
    i have sent in my application for accelerated program. i recieved a letter yesterday stating my teas wasnt recieved and all material should be recieved by the 15th of sept. . this is because i havent taken it. on the application it said the school will send a date. what should i do? have i misunderstood?
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    I know when I applied back in March they sent a date to take the test after they received my application. However, I think they changed it. Did you call the school and ask?
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    When you apply they mail you a blue paper that tell you how to register for the exam. They no longer let you take the test with them. You have to register online and select a location at a psi testing center. I retook it a day for the deadline but I was at the school handing in my transcripts, so I let them know it may come I'm just waiting on that acceptance letter. It is taking toooooo long. But you should call normal and talk to her because she handles everything that gets sent to the admission commitee and she sends the letters and emails out.
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    I meant norma blas is who to contact
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    Is anyone applying for the January 2012 accelerated start date?
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    Was the challenge exam difficult?

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