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  1. Hi everyone, I am a freshman in college and I attend Essex County College because I got my 1st year old college paid for. I am taking/took these courses: Eng 101, Eng 102, Psy 101, Hist 101, Soc 101 and basic skills math. I was originally going to go for my LPN because the cirriculum was laid out a little simpler and not so overwhleming but I talked to a counselor at UCC and he told me I need to believe in myself that I could go straight for the associates RN. I was considering applying to Muhlenberg Nursing but I read on their website that you do not have to take UCC courses before entering their program. I am too late to apply for the Fall semester so my next bet is to apply for spring semester.

    I want to take summer courses and get my Bio 105 (A&PI) and Psy 205 (Child Psych) out of the way for Summer I session and possibly regular math and chem for summer II. but im not sure if I should do this because what if Muhlenberg doesnt accept me? I also read that the tuiton n fees for Muhlenberg were $31,000?? Over how long of a period is that pay being covered for? Please give me any clarification or advice or something to help me out.. I am really confused and wanna give my self a head start but i dont want to waste my time if I am trying to get Muhlenbergs cirriculum out of the way and find out im not going there..
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  3. by   ketdv
    ohh wow i am trying to do the same... i am a student at bergen and I applied to bcc nursing program and did not get in i scored an 83 on the hesi. my gpa is 3.73 and i did not apply to any other programs. I am going to transfer into union county college. I will apply to Trinitas and also Muhlenberg in the spiring. In the mean time I will be taking some clases at ucc because to be considered into trinitas i need to take courses at ucc. it is a mess. I hear you and understand just go for ur RN and apply to all the schools that you can. I will do the same.
  4. by   CeceStar5

    I am a NYS resident looking into applying to UCC in the RN program for spring. Did you guys have to apply to Trinitas and Muhlenberg separately??
  5. by   Lee17
    They are 2 different applications...You may want to do a little more research on your choice of Trinitas...I have heard to many mixed reviews about their program and not all positive.If you are also looking for a 2 yr. RN program in this area you may also want to look at Middlesex County College.

    As for prerequisites, keep in mind you want to get as many out of the way as you can before you start the program. To start your nursing clinicals and also try to keep a full course load with heavy classes will be a nightmare. Most nursing programs require your Eng. 1 & 2, A & P 1 &2, Psy. 1 ( the difference for PSY 2 is in the college. ex:MCC wants Lifespan,Muhlenburg wants Child Psy...) most colleges want SOC 1 etc....Muhlenberg wants Chem.105, MCC doesnt require Gen. Chem...

    My best advice would be to look at all the schools you may apply to and compare their required pre-reqs. Than take the ones 1st. that they all may require. This way you are not taking courses you may not need depending on where you go. Also, if you think somewhere down the line you may want to get your BSN, then also pull a couple 4 yr. colleges, look at their degree requirements and pull your electives with that in mind...

    Hope this helps...
  6. by   Lee17
    P.S. You may want to look at the last couple of weeks post on the discussion board of " Applying to Mountainside school of Nursing...." we have talked a little about Muhlenberg there...
  7. by   CeceStar5
    Thanks for the advice. I currently hold a bachelors degree in public health and have taking a&p 1 and 2, micro, organic and general chem, psych etc. Do you know if they would be transferable. I see that someone post that I have to take classes at Union in order to apply. Not sure what to do. I would look at another thread as well.
  8. by   Lee17
    CeCe...Call Muhlenberg and talk to the people there, or email or call Cheryl McCoy who is the Director of Admissions,this is her email address:

    McCoy, Cheryl []

    One thing I will say about Muhlenberg is everyone there is very friendly and helpful. I believe they only allow 32 transfer credits for the Nursing program. I also believe most of your pre-reqs for the Nursing program should transfer, mine did...What they mean as far as having to take courses at UCC is that once you get accepted to their program, any remaining courses you have to take must me taken at UCC. You do not have to take courses there first,In fact you can apply to Muhlenbergs program without ever having taken anything. Upon acceptance you will be required to register with UCC as that will be the college that gives you your degree.I currently am a student at MCC, I applied to both programs and got accepted to both.Now I am trying to decide where I will attend.But I have not taken any courses yet at UCC.If I chose to go there I will have to finish my Chem. and A&P 2 with them....

    Hope this helps. Shoot them an email or call Muhlenberg, someone will explain things better...
  9. by   bebe08
    do they require an entrance exam for the program

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