May 2013 Nurse Residency at Valley Health System in Ridgewood, NJ - page 2

Has anyone applied to the New Graduate Nurse Residency at Valley for May, 2013 class?... Read More

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    took them three months and two interviews, but i finally got my "thanks but you're not good enough" rejection letter.

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    For those who are unfamiliar with it, Valley Hospital is excellent. It is in an upscale area filled with people who have very high standards in healthcare. The hospitals in Bergen County compete with NYC and often win (100% success rate for open heart surgery, meaning patients live at least 30 days postOp). The volunteers there are SO sweet and kind. The healthcare is superb, yet the setting is very small-town, personal, and cozy. Old-fashioned in the best of ways.

    I did student clinicals there and have had family members be treated there. While no place is perfect, Valley is pretty darn good.

    FWIW, Catherine Zeta-Jones had both her children there (big whoop, I know, but maybe that does say something).

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