May 2013 Nurse Residency at Valley Health System in Ridgewood, NJ - page 2

Has anyone applied to the New Graduate Nurse Residency at Valley for May, 2013 class?... Read More

  1. by   nursingtransfer'12
    Has anyone applied to this program for 2015 and received a decision yet?
  2. by   jlc128
    Hi, I had an interview in March for the Critical Care Residency and I have yet to hear back. Which area did you interview for? It seems as if they were interviewing a ton of people because when I emailed the recruiter two weeks ago asking if they had an idea when we would know, she said that they were still interviewing!
  3. by   nursingtransfer'12
    I interview for the Med/Surg units. The way I understood it was that I wouldn't be told which unit exactly until the program started. I'm interested in getting feedback from people who have participated in the program/work as RN's at Valley.
  4. by   jlc128
    Let me know when you hear from them!
  5. by   nursingtransfer'12
    I did hear back and was offered a position!!
  6. by   jlc128
    Congrats!!! Did you find out what floor? What day did they inform you of your offer?
  7. by   nursingtransfer'12
    They did not say what floor. I found out on 4/29
  8. by   ks123

    I have an interview for the Critical Care Residency Program tomorrow with the nurse managers. Do you remember some of the questions that were asked during the second interview? Any advice/pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  9. by   Nurse of Tomorrow
    Hi nursingtransfer'12
    I'm interested in applying to the New Grad Nurse Residency Program at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ. I notice you were accepted to the program last year. Pretty impressive! I'm wondering if you can give me any tips on how to prepare for the interview process, and anything else you think might be helpful. Hope to hear back from you soon! Thank you!