LPN Program at Lincoln Tech

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    Hello everyone. I'll be starting a LPN program at Lincoln Tech at the Paramus location in June. I was wondering if there is any advice that someone can give me on what I can do to prepare myself before I start my program. Thanks!!!

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    Stay focused and be flexible is the best advice I can give, I attend the Edison Campus and I am in my final quarter. It has been a bumpy road but a well worth it one. Be prepared to do a lot of studying on your own and make a couple of friends. My study buddies are great and very encouraging. A great at home support system never hurt either (lol). It has been a long year but a great and rewarding one. I have met excellent friends and future nurses and had great experiences in class and clinical. Good luck to you on your journey.
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    Thanks so much for your advice. Good luck with your final quarter...
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    Ribby are u starting june 2012? also do u live in nj? i'm trying to look into apt's close by i live in ny. the commute is gonna be exhausting!
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    How was the teas exam?
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    hey lala it honestly was not that bad lol just study the teas book math and reading section. However I've heard that as of june 1st there will be a science component that will be added, so hurry!! and take it while its easy with just math and reading(:
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    Thanks lindu007, I take the exam friday june 1st at the center city campus.My rep told me that it is only reading and math and i have the secrets of the teas V exam study guide would you say that its a good study guide?
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    good just focus on those two sections of the teas study guide, and you'll be good! are u trying to get in for the 1 year or 2 year pn program?
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    Moved to NJ Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Hey I took the Teas V at the Center City campus as well and got a high score. I just turned in my physical, clearances, etc in all I have to do is take the drug test and get references but did you pass the test hun?

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