LPN at Lincoln Tech Vs. BCIT 2010

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    I am trying to decide which lpn program to go with. Both programs are 12 months in length. Lincoln tech is $26,000 but offers financial aid and loans and starts in March. Bcit is around $9000 but does not accept financial aid and starts in May. Someone who is starting LT in March said after FA they only have to pay $7000 but got a student loan. My initial choice would be BCIT because it is about 15-20min closer to home and 1/2-1 hour less a day in class time. But if they don't offer aid or loans I can't afford it. Anyone starting Lincoln Tech in March or BCIT in May have any opinions/experiences?

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    I would not recommend Lincoln Tech at all. BCIT has a better reputation and pass rate for the NCLEX. The tuition for BCIT is broken down into payments around every 3-4 months to give you time to save in between the payments. I am set to graduate from BCIT this July and I can definitly tell you it was worth every penny. You definitly learn your stuff and you don't have to worry about having to be in debt after graduation. The Lincoln Tech students that I met didn't even know some of the basic things that we learned in the beginning. Good Luck in your choice.
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    Are you able to get student loans for BCIT? I have no cash available and cannot save 1500 every 3 months. I need 100% financed. That's why I went with Lincoln Tech, because BCIT has no financial aid. I don't know how the loans work though. I know someone who got $19000 in financial aid so all he had to pay was $7000 and got a student loan to cover it through lincoln tech.
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    BCIT does not offer financial aid, but what I did was start saving as soon as I found out I was accepted. The idea of being over 20,000 in debt after graduation from a sub-par school just did/does not sit well with me just for a LPN program that's not going to end in a degree. Maybe you should check out Camden County. I know they have an LPN program and they definitly have financial aid and you will save thousands versus going to Lincoln.
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    I would stay away from LT at any cost. It is a real low budget program that charges top dollar and has some serious internal flaws with the management, curriculum, and clinical practice sites. They have low standards for discipline and many of these adult students are not nurising material. Go anywhere else but LT.
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    I agree with everyone about Lincoln Tech, I met with my rep today and we went over my net test scores. The required grade for passing there is 52 and I got a 95, she showed me the schools average test results were 70 something and that I make the rest of the students look stupid. Who says that??? Was she telling me that the rest of the students who go there are stupid??
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    Well if you decide on BCIT maybe I will see you at the information session. I just recieved my postcard in the mail from BCIT for a information session and interview! Does anyone know the next step from here?
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    Well Congrats PTYME!!! That little postcard means you are in the program!! I don't know why they drag it out, I think they just like to torture you. Just make sure you get your hs transcripts in asap and get the background check done as soon as they give you the information. Just a heads up, Mrs. B (who you will meet at the interview) can be a little intimidating, but don't worry, you will be okay. Are you going for the day or night class? Westampton or Medford? I'm graduating from the Westampton day class in July
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    Ok Thanks for the info..and the for the scare(Mrs. B)..lol.. I applied for the day program at the Westampton campus also! Is the interview a formal one-on-one interview or is more a group setting?? I am so excited!@ Hope to hear from you soon! I will have a lot of questions for you being as though you are in the program now!! O it says the program starts in May but, I am hearing June...do you know whichis true?!
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    If you want to PM me your email address I can give you all of the info you need, trust me I have tons of helpful info for you!!

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