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I am trying to decide which lpn program to go with. Both programs are 12 months in length. Lincoln tech is $26,000 but offers financial aid and loans and starts in March. Bcit is around $9000 but... Read More

  1. by   DSantosNJ
    Oh my goodness!! I'm so sorry !! I really hope everything works out! Stay positive !! I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your nursing career :-)

  2. by   MrsJersey
    Quote from bnb0627
    Well unfortunately I have decided to go to LT. It is not my first choice (especially after taking the tour). I know loans are not going to help but I need to be able to get a job making more than $8/hr. I have a husband and 2 kids and I need to do something now to help my family in the future!!! I'm not thrilled about the school, but it's just the sacrifice I have to make. I've been putting school off way to long because of things that have happened in my life, or being wait listed for the rn program 3 years in a row. I was laid off a year ago from a job making $15 per hour, and have not been able to find one since. Most of the jobs I have found I would make just enough to cover daycare for my kids, not pay any bills. Because of this I am now filing for bankruptcy, so I have no saved money and do not have a job to save money.

    I'm so sorry to hear your story. In the end, only you know what's best for you. My only advise is that you get as much out of the program as possible. From what I hear LT is a lot of self study, just try and go above and beyond what they are teaching you because in the end graduating from the program will mean nothing if you don't have enough knowledge under your belt to pass the boards. Best of luck to you future SPN
  3. by   bnb0627
    Ok so I just had my financial aid appointment and I will have about $16000 in student loans. I called my mom and she tells me....don't spend that much I'll give you the money to go to BCIT. AHHHHHH!! She couldn't have told me this last month when I couldn't make up my mind. My classes at Lincoln Tech start March 26th. I can still back out but I just called BCIT and they said they are starting a waiting list and have 2 spots open but I haven't taken any of there tests yet.

    PTYME how long was it before you got your acceptance letter. I only have about 3 weeks left before classes start and if I don't get a decision by then, I will be sticking with LT.
  4. by   PTYME
    bnb after taking the test received the postcard for an interview about a wk or two later!
  5. by   jenn609
    hey so after your financial aid and student loans...does it cover the full cost of your tuition or do u still have to pay some monthly rate?
  6. by   bnb0627
    I'm not going there but when I did the financial aid I got $10,000 in grants(free money) and $16000 in student loans (to be paid back over 10 years starting 6 months after graduation) and had $400 left over that I would have to pay by the first day of class! Everyone's situation is different though.
  7. by   Ms_Holman LPN
    I dont agree with any of these LT post...firstly....like most LPN excelarated programs....your pretty much teaching yourself and at the same time just getting by......with that being said...my teachers were great...for what they were working with..at the end of the day..you cant blame the school...its the student who need to learn..you cant expect to have a LPN lic on a platter waiting for you..it takes work.. FYI...i Graduated last month and just passed my board....THE FIRST TIME.....
  8. by   Ms_Holman LPN
    Its all worth it at the end BNB!!
  9. by   bnb0627
    Congrats Ms. Holman!!!! You are right, it is what you make of it!! I guess from speaking to people from RN programs at Lourdes and Helene Fuld and St. Francis, they all seemed so formal, professional, strict when it came to grades and what was required by the students. Then going into LT it was a laid back atmosphere, the staff did not talk to you like they were a professor but like they were your next door neighbor and seeing prospective students wearing belly shirts and thigh high boots made me think what they heck is going on here lol. But as for the actual education I have no idea. I am actually in a multi skilled technician program right now, it's a 3 month course I start my phlebotomy clinicals next week, can't wait. There are a lot of hospitals hiring for this position so I'm hoping I will have a job in 2 months and then have them pay for my RN! Good luck to all of you lpn's!!!
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  10. by   Donald11
    Hi everyone,

    I was thinking about doing an LPN at Lincoln Tech in Paramus. How is the Paramus school? Does LT have a decent completion rate and NCLEX passage rate?

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