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Hi, Was wandering if anyone is starting the LPN program at Lincoln tech in moorestown in Feb 2011.... Read More

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    Here is my email ( or just post here. Let me know if you have any questions. There are two breaks in the afternoon/evening class...week off at 4th of July and christmas/new years...I'm not sure about the day or evening(2yr program).

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    Im actually going to their workshop tomorrow and was wondering how your experience is going ?
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    my experience is going well. I really enjoy it! It is hard and you have to study. There are some things that are a bit unorganized but thats with every school.
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    I was wondering if anyone is looking to start in Sept LPN class @ lincoln tech in MOorestown NJ?
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    Hello, I will be attending LTI in Moorestown for the LPN program in Sept. I wanted to know if anyone has to pay out of pocket each month after the federal funding.

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    I will be graduating Sept 22nd. My out of pocket expenses while in school were very reasonable. Six months to pay 374.00. My portion of the tuition was a little over ten k, with help of grants, unemployment. Good luck to you......
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    Thank you!! I appreciate your response. I hate to be a bother but how did you like the program. I am so exciting to start the LPN program in Dec @ the center city campus. I was actually suppose to start in Sept @ the moorestown location but its too far for me to commute everyday on top of the tolls gas,,etc LOL.
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    Is anyone starting the LPN program in moorestown NJ in Sept 2011?
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    no bother at all................ I attended Moorestown campus................ the clinicals I had were good... The site I am at for my fourth rotation is the best site yet............ What do you wanna know specifically
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    hi donnaspn,

    I am hoping to start the Sept 11 class and I see that you said unemployment helped you out financially....can you tell me what you went throught to get the funds from unemployment to use towards your tuition & also did you get financial aid, loans or grants....I am super excited to start the course but I am super afraid of the expense..especially with not so goood credit

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