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Hi, Was wandering if anyone is starting the LPN program at Lincoln tech in moorestown in Feb 2011.... Read More

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    Thank you!! I appreciate your response. I hate to be a bother but how did you like the program. I am so exciting to start the LPN program in Dec @ the center city campus. I was actually suppose to start in Sept @ the moorestown location but its too far for me to commute everyday on top of the tolls gas,,etc LOL.
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    Is anyone starting the LPN program in moorestown NJ in Sept 2011?
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    no bother at all................ I attended Moorestown campus................ the clinicals I had were good... The site I am at for my fourth rotation is the best site yet............ What do you wanna know specifically
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    hi donnaspn,

    I am hoping to start the Sept 11 class and I see that you said unemployment helped you out financially....can you tell me what you went throught to get the funds from unemployment to use towards your tuition & also did you get financial aid, loans or grants....I am super excited to start the course but I am super afraid of the expense..especially with not so goood credit
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    Hi prince and paris...
    ok the first thing you have to do is go down to your local unemployment agency and ask about the work force program... It is several steps and you have to get approved but once you do you are exempt from finding employment while attending school (as long as you keep up your grades and attendance) and you receive money towards your school. If you plan on starting Sept 11 than I would'nt hestitate as you don't have much time. The process took me a few weeks to get everything in order. Yes Prince and Paris I did apply for everything, the school helps you apply for the financial aid and grants. Since I received the funding from unemployment, financial aid and grants my tuition was drastically decreased almost 17k and I couldn't be happier. It definitely was worthwhile for me as the school cost was only a little over 10 k which is about the average of other nursing school programs. That includes all of your books and uniforms and equipment for clinical.
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    Thanks donnaspn for the reply, by any chance do you live in burlington county...did they give you a hard time getting the money or was it just a long process? after all the grants and things how much did you have to pay out of pocket during school???

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    Prince and paris,
    I do not live in burlington county. I did not have a hard time getting the money. I told them the date I was planning on starting and they were sure to fit in everything that needed to be done before my start date. After everything my out of pocket expenses is 10K.
    I hope this helped you out....
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    I basically wanted to know if the program was worth the money. OF course I have seen alot of negative post about lincoln tech. My main concern is being able to gain employment afterwards.
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    @ prince&paris I actually want to know the same. I am currently receiving unemployment and I passed all of the test for the training funds but the problem is the program has to be approved in order for the money to be used towards tuition. I in pennsylvania the money doesnt go towards the LPN program at any of the lincoln techs. You may be from a different area so different rules may apply. I would say contact your careerlink and ask about the training funds.
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    thanks donnaspn...I am gonna look into this...thanks for the info,

    @ shamirad I live in NJ so things maybe a little different on this side of the bridge, I will start making calls on far as employment I have also seen the negative commments but you have to remember you get out of it what you put into it...I have gone to 2 technical schools years ago for Medical assistance & the school got horrible reviews but I graduated from that program and ended up getting a job at the place I did my externship...the other school I went to was for ultrasound and that school ended up not being accredited so it turned out to be a waist of 2 years of schooling,,,,,Lincoln Tech is accredited so even if the teachers aren't that great if you do enough self studying and pass the nurses exam I am sure you will get a job!!!!
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    Is the school expensive yes, would I of attented if not for the finanacial aid, grants, and unemployment benefit probably not. Is the school worth it, only you can answer that question, how bad do you wanna be a nurse, what does a career mean to you? Yes I'm sure you have heard negitive things about Lincoln Tech. It can be a good or bad experience the choice is yours noone elses.
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    Yes, absolutely this choice is mine... I just wanted to know from someone who actually went to the school. But thanks everyone for the info.. Good luck with everything
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    Hi All . I also was approved for funding through unemployment in NJ . Trust me this was no piece of cake . I lost my job of 20yrs in March . I inquired about schooling right away , took all the required classes , took the test to be approved and considered for funding . When it was all said and done I was approved in July . It took a few months . I was also told through my counsler in workforce, That I was lucky because funding does not come around very often . I guess I just happened to be at the right place at the right time .
    I begin my classes in December in the Paramus campus .

    I know LTI sometimes gets a bad "Rap " . But I feel it's up to the individual : you made this choice for a reason , so now it is up to you to put the work in . It will not be handed to you .

    Financial aide did cover all of the tuition . But I will not be taking out such a huge loan . Between my funding money and the money I will be adding . I will just have around $5,000 to pay off .

    Good Luck to eveyone !!!