Jersey Shore Medical Center or Kimball Hospital

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    I'm so excited finally after working at a LTC as a new grad nurse for 4 months I finally landed two hospital interviews. To my amazement I landed both jobs. I was wondering which hospital is truly better to work at. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   nycNurse2b
    Just writing in to say congrats! I'm somewhat of a new grad as well working in LTC. I often wondered how long I would need this on my resume before I might land a hospital job. Well, you have answered my question!

    Good luck with whichever you choose!

    Oh yeah, two questions if you don't mind - - did you apply to the hospitals online? When you interviewed, what did they have to say about your LTC exp?

  4. by   NJprettynewgrad_Rn

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. Yes I did apply online. And when I mentioned I had only LTC experience as a registered nurse I explain that this helped me a lot with learning how to time manage and delegate. Truthfully any experience is better then none so it actually was a plus.
  5. by   meluhn
    Congrats on landing a job in these tough times. I have worked for (and did my clinical at) both of the health systems that each of these hospitals are a part of. I generally found the health system that starts with an S better than the other major one in our area that starts with an M. The M one seems to use nurses like work horses and burn them out. Nurse to pt ratios are worse than the other system. Again this has just been my experience. It all depends on your manager and the floor you are on.
    One thing I do like better about system M is the computer system. It is more like a windows system which I prefer and system S seems more like MAC.
    Good luck making your decision.
  6. by   daVinciNurse
    you will likely see a more varied pt population at JS than at K. Either would be good experience, guess you have to look at the type of unit you were offered a position on as well as shift/weekend requirements. Ask about ancillary help on the unit as well....that can make or break your shift!
  7. by   NJprettynewgrad_Rn
    Thanks for all the feed back everyone. I ended up picking JS and I couldnt be happier with my choice. The hospital is amazing and so is the staff. I'm very happy with my choice and now I can see why they rank high on employee satisifaction. Overall, both units were the same but I ended up picking JS because the stressed how they worked together as a team which as we know is very important in nursing.

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